There are many synthetic lawn products on the market. Although all of these products have come a long way since the first generation turf, some products are definitely superior to others in quality and appearance. Texas Custom Turf is providing today’s BEST and most technologically enhanced turf.
Texas Custom Turf offers a wide range of artificial turf and synthetic grass products that provide the look and feel of healthy, natural grass without the time-consuming maintenance and water costs. Texas Custom Turf is the perfect artificial turf solution not only for landscape aesthetics but for the positive environmental impact our products offer, including the elimination of harmful pesticides, herbicides, grass clippings in landfills, carbon monoxide from gas-powered equipment and more. Not to mention a proven kid and pet-friendly solution for heavy-use areas. Find your synthetic turf product today!
Texas Custom Turf is specially designed to meet the challenges of commercial landscape including the rigors of heavy, every day use saving thousands of dollars annually in maintenance contracts, precious natural resources and time. We offer custom products designed and manufactured for large scale projects with all the added benefits:

  • First-class presentation and durability 24/7
  • Multiple applications: medians, walkways, business entrances, pool and fountain areas, malls, pet kennels, parks and playgrounds, and more
  • Ability to control water-shed effectively, decreasing the load on local sewers
  • Eliminate the use of chemicals and gas-powered equipment and provide excellent ground cover to control grey-water, dust and erosion; increasing air and water quality
  • Permeable surface increases water reclaimed into local aquifers, adding to water for other needs
Playgrounds & Parks
The surface of choice, Texas Custom Turf introduces its state-of-the-art artificial playground turf transforming undesirable spaces into a haven for fun. Texas Custom Turf is lush and soft to the touch yet resilient against heavy foot traffic and all-season weather conditions. With safety as the number one priority, our systems are a unique combination of polyethylene monofilament and nylon yarns accompanied by a recyclable foam pad for shock absorption that meet fall-height safety-rating standards per IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufactures Association) and antimicrobial infills for a cleaner, safer playground. Designed to meet your needs and importantly your children’s specific needs, contact Texas Custom Turf today to build your ideal surface.
Our pet systems are designed with your pet in mind. Texas Custom Turf is built on durability, easy drainage, performance, and aesthetics — making it the ideal fit for kennels, pet resorts, boarding facilities, dog parks, and of course, your home.

A pet installation is unique. There is no doubt artificial grass will beautify your home, but one of the most important aspects of this type of installation is the performance. Texas Custom Turf understands that pet urine can and will create unwanted odors that will turn your new synthetic lawn into an unpleasant experience.

To combat these issues, we use a coated, antimicrobial silica sand called Durafill that not only assists in the draining process by allowing liquids to filter through without absorption, but also serves as a ballast for the individual turf system. Also, we offer an optional deodorizer called ATD. This easy to apply, bio-degradable powder requires only a one-time application and serves as a urine neutralizer for your turf. Click here to learn more about our pet turf.

Why us turf for pets?

  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Long Term Solution
  • Safe, Durable, Long Lasting
  • No More Brown Spots or Replacing Grass
  • No More Dirty Paws or Mud Holes
  • Exclusive Antibacterial Infill for Healthy Pets
  • Easy to Clean
  • Economical and Environmentally Friendly
Putting Greens
Whether you’re looking for a private practice area to improve your short game or a recreational spot to enjoy hours of fun with the family, Texas Custom Turf has the perfect artificial putting green for your level of play. Our systems provide the natural appearance and realistic performance you come to expect minus the daily drive to the golf course and green fees.

Also, Texas Custom Turf offers the unique feature of providing customers the ability to custom design their own putting green. From shapes and slopes to cup placement and ball speed, we work with you to build the putting green of your dreams — all to provide you with the closest to “real play” golf available.

Durafill: The Latest Technology In Infill Systems
What is Durafill?

First let’s start with infill — the “soil” of the turf system. To create infill, small granulated beads are distributed to the turf’s surface in a uniform pattern. Next, Durafill — the latest technology in infill systems. Unlike other infills such as ground up rubber tires, Durafill is non-absorbent, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. External elements (such as animal urine and other elements that can build bacterial spores) are not absorbed into Durafill, making it a safer, more sanitary product. Other benefits offered by Durafill:

  • Durafill resists compaction and does not need repeated applications, as is the case with rubber.
  • Durafill does not become blistering hot in the heat, which can make the synthetic grass blades hot, too.
  • Durafill is environmentally safe, does not contain zinc or heavy metals and is non-flammable.
Technical Data
Chemical Composition (99.6 Silicone Dioxide)(Iron Oxide & Acrylic)
Dust  0.1%
Angle of Response 30°
Flammability Non-Flammable
Size 1.0 Millimeter
Melting Point 2880³ C
Roundness .6+
Hardness .6 – .8 Mohs Scale