Turf Rules the Playgrounds

The World is Your Playground

Turf is engineered to be safe, clean and durable for any kind of kid play. Kids are notorious for falls and scrapes so we made sure to make the impact from a fall as safe as possible. Our turf is made to protect against impact injuries as the padding can cushion falls up to 10 feet or more, meeting American Society for Testing and Materials standards. The pads underneath the equipment are also made to meet the height and fall requirements for IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufactures Association). 


The durafill and turf even maintains its look and feel for several years. Water won’t have to be wasted anymore, maintenance is not a hassle and kids can have fun whenever they’d like. Texas Custom Turf has a lush and soft feel to the touch and is able to withstand heavily foot trafficked areas. Even better, synthetic grass is allergen free and grass stains will be long gone. Synthetic grass let’s you play outside without the actual hassle the outdoors can bring. 


The Materials in the Turf?

Your job is to pick the surface of your choice as Texas Custom Turf has state-of-the-art artificial playground turf that can transform any type of rubbish into a kid haven. Texas Custom Turf is manufactured with the highest quality yarn, passing the AST (American Society for Testing and Materials) and RCRA (Resource Conservation Recovery Act) standards for use by children and the environment. Our turf systems for playgrounds also meet IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufactures Association) requirements with its unique combination of polyethylene monofilament and nylon yarns accompanied by a recyclable foam pad for shock absorption at multiple fall-heights should a child fall from the equipment.


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Picture Perfect Summertime Lawn

Picture Perfect Summertime Lawn


Summer Is Rough on Our Lawns

Summer is almost halfway done and the heat is gradually becoming hotter. Grass is turning brown as water is too costly to use on a daily basis. Keeping grass green, especially in Texas, is a difficult task. Do you ever long for a yard that keeps its composition and color all year round? Well, there’s an obvious solution. Synthetic turf is your one way stop towards a beautiful yard. Not only will it be able to keep its color and composition, but requires little to no maintenance to do so.


Save Money on Water

Synthetic turf will not dry out or become damaged by the sun’s rays. The blades on the turf are made out of a polypropylene, which is a heat-resistant material that always keeps cool no matter the season. Of course, if you do have pets or if debris is caught up within the blades, a rinse with a hose and water can quickly solve the problem. The point is, you save so much money on water because the turf doesn’t require it at all.


Family and Pet Friendly

Since the synthetic turf is heat resistant, it will not become too hot for pets or children to play on. You’re also able to gain back some downtime, since yard work usually takes up a day from play. You’re able to gain a day back to play with your pets and kids. Additionally, the turf is nontoxic for everyone. Even mud tracks and paw prints will not amount to an issue since mud does not make up the slightest section of synthetic turf.


Synthetic Turf Is Durability Engineered

The quality of materials synthetic turf is made out of ensures strength and durability. No matter the roughness of play, synthetic turf will keep its feel and structure. Even if rain were to occur or any other liquids hit the surface, the drainage system within the turf keeps the water away.


Beautiful Lawn All Year Long

Wouldn’t you want to have a beautiful lawn in summertime? Having a luscious, green and mesmerizing lawn is an investment worth taking. Don’t avoid the outdoors during summer because your lawn isn’t fit to hang out on. Synthetic turf will only provide benefits that’ll pay off in the end.
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Putting Greens for Golf Enthusiasts

Putting Greens for Golf Enthusiasts

With 29 million golf players in the U.S., you could say the sport is fairly popular. Some play in the professional industry while others are more into it as a recreational activity. Whichever the use, Texas Custom Turf installs putting greens for your needs. A fair number of community and professional golf courses have started to switch over to synthetic putting greens because of the ease of maintenance and the optimal performance. Synthetic putting greens are maintained like any other synthetic turf – rinse with a hose and water. They perform just as well, if not better, as regular golf courses. They are specifically designed to withstand game use time after time, and keep their texture and composition no matter the season.


A few ingredients make up synthetic turf:

  1. Decomposed Granite: This is the foundation for your putting green as it keeps the surface incredibly level. It is made out of a clay-like texture that provides a surface the ball needs to roll realistically.
  2. Three-Inch Nails: Since the blades on the turf are a lot shorter than regular commercial turf, they require three-inch nails rather than six-inch nails.
  3. Durafill: This makes sure the ball doesn’t bounce and gives it that backspin to grab onto the surface. The small granules also help with the smooth surface and play the role as an abrasive.


Eco-Friendly and Authentic Look & Feel

The synthetic putting green also feels and looks authentic. With such minimal maintenance, it is eco-friendly. Our installers are able to customize for your optimal size of putting green, including installments for your backyard. Some individuals prefer to have their own backyard putting green as a way to entertain guests or satisfy their golf enthusiast needs. Check out the pictures below to see some of the backyard putting green jobs we have installed.

The outer fringe borders the putting green to give it a more realistic appeal for your backyard. Luckily, the turf even keeps its green color all year long and requires minimal maintenance. Water is only used if you need to spray some debris off the blades. The putting greens are made with a texturized polypropylene that keeps the strength and stability for several years. Even the height of the blades is customizable for your preferences.


The Next Step

If you run a golf course business or if you are just a golf enthusiast, we can help! Let us install your putting green synthetic turf for a much better investment. From easy maintenance to authentic play and feel, synthetic putting greens really are the way to go. We’re here to make your life easier and happier.


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Synthetic Putting Green Installments by Texas Custom Turf