Fluff up Your Turf with Drought-Tolerant Plants

Turn Your Landscape into a Drought-Tolerant Oasis

So you finally have your perfect synthetic grass landscape. Maybe you’ve noticed there’s something else missing. What goes great with a synthetic yard? Plants. Drought-tolerant plants at that. And we’re not talking about the synthetic plants you buy at your local Hobby Lobby. You can purchase real-life plants that require minimal maintenance and water, just like your synthetic grass.


The following list of plants plants bloom beautifully and are perfect for a drought environment.

  1. Evening Primrose: A fragrant plant that grows flat on the ground and blooms into an exquisite pink and white flowery display throughout the spring and fall seasons.
  2. Hummingbird Saga: Perfect for spring as it grows rose-lilac colored flowers and emits a fruity scent. Most importantly, it’s drought and frost tolerant.
  3. Island Bush Poppy: This is an evergreen shrub that blooms in the spring and can handle cold temperatures. It sprouts yellow flowers.
  4. Purple Sage: Another evergreen shrub that attracts butterflies because of its light purple flowers and fuzzy white & green leaves.
  5. Trailing Lantana: This plant blooms lavender flowers in the spring and is also a butterfly magnet. It’s perfect for ground cover and minimal maintenance


You might be in the next steps of your landscaping to enter the world of plants or maybe not just yet. Either way, you should still look into some drought-tolerant plants to give your yard that extra “oomph.” Sprucing up your landscape makes it that much more realistic looking!


Have any plants you’ve used that requires minimal maintenance and water? Shoot us a note!  

Blade Shapes and Why They Matter

Blade Shapes and Why They Matter


So you probably didn’t even realize synthetic grass has different blade shapes before reading this article. Additionally, you’re probably wondering how they could possibly matter that much. The truth is, choosing the right blade shape is like picking out that great pair of shoes you wear 24/7 until the sole finally gives out. Except, synthetic turf lasts waaaaaay longer, so maybe a car investment would have been a better example. Let’s get to it! 


3D Curvy “W” Fiber

Our first runner-up is the 3D Curvy “W” fiber. Oooooh. This shape is like the ultimate foam mattress. The shape just springs right back up after stepping on it. This is probably the reason why it’s also the most popular – think TigerTurf Diamond Line. This baby can also withstand medium to high amounts of foot traffic.



Diamond De-lustered

And in this corner is the Diamond De-lustered. It’s all about the feel for this guy. Think taking off your shoes and enjoying a relaxing outdoor experience on your realistic looking synthetic grass. People like this one because it looks aesthetically appealing, which is why it’s most commonly used for front yards or landscaping. And it can still deal with high foot traffic.



Next we have the Omega, which is exactly how it sounds – durable!! This W-shaped blade can handle the roughest of the rough foot traffic. Even though it’s highly durable, the Omega can still provide a soft feel. It’s found in the popular Everglade synthetic grass series and Pet Turf. *Woof*



‘M’ shape

The next competitor is the ‘M’ shape and is even more durable than Mr. W. Uh-oh. This one is for EXTRA durability reassurance. The shape of this blade is specifically for intense pressure points over several different areas. The shape diminishes the foot traffic impact making it the strongest yet. It’s most commonly found in the Everlast Turf Riviera Pro that’s ideal for landscapes experiencing some major foot traffic.





‘S’ Blade

Last but not least we have the ‘S’ Blade. This shape is popular because of its super-scary realistic look. It was added to the Everlast Turf Tacoma synthetic grass product to pump up its game. This newly designed look can even withstand up to high foot traffic as well, making it a perfect competitor.




Still have no idea which blade is ideal for your project?! That’s okay! Reach out to us, because Texas Custom Turf knows just what you need. 

Rooftop and Balcony Installations

Rooftop and Balcony Installations


Is This a Thing? 

Of course! Imagine being a city dweller living in an apartment or owning a home with a balcony. What are the chances of those individuals actually using their roof or balcony? Now imagine installing synthetic turf within these areas. Never thought about that before, have you? Would synthetic turf make you would want to venture out to your rooftop or balcony more often? It could very well be an appealing idea, because you can transform a boring rooftop view or a lonesome balcony into a relaxing sanctuary for recreation or privacy. It’s like having a yard without dealing with the work a yard entails. Living in a city could now provide the best of both worlds. 


Does Texas Custom Turf Know How to Install These Projects? 

Always. In truth, these rooftop/balcony installations are becoming quite popular. A lot of these projects are so different from what installers are used to, that they don’t provide this service. However, with Texas Custom Turf we’ve already had the experience and know exactly what to do!

With artificial turf, you can pretty much install turf wherever you’d like. It requires minimal maintenance and the composition is the same all year round. The turf will not add heat to the rooftop and you don’t need to worry about the weather or temperature, because synthetic turf can withstand the dreariest of days.


How Is It Done?

Most rooftops or balconies use TPO – thermoplastic polyolefin. TPO allows 100% protection against water and offers an inexpensive way to complement a roof setting. A SGW drain system must also be installed so water and other particles are not hanging out on the roof with nowhere to go. An adhesive must also be applied first to make sure the drain core stays in place. Next, a fiberglass reinforcement is applied for a smooth surface so rain water can pass under the drain core and exit the roof or balcony. Lastly, you can add the customary infill and turf.




Texas Custom Turf Has Floating Golf Greens!

Floating Golf Greens

Fall is finally on its way and the cold might finally make an appearance. That means the days of swimming are over. But that doesn’t mean you need to close up the pool for the season, because Texas Custom Turf is now selling Floating Golf Greens! Have a little family fun or invite some friends over for a “pool party.” This new and improved golfing experience is one for the books. 


What are They?

Floating Golf Greens are exactly how they sound – golf greens that float on the water. These are perfect for golf enthusiasts that want to add a little fun to their life and it’s possible right at their own home. The turf-covered pool chipping green includes a turf Teebox, Floating Golf Balls, a Premium Practice Flag and instructions to set up.

The fringe on the flotation devices even extend over to deliver a green closer to 9’ by 13’. This is to make an optimal golfing palooza perfect for any golf lover whatever their expertise level may be.


What Can You Use it For?

You can use the green for a residential or country club pool, pond, dock, or lake setting. Honestly, you can probably use it for any setting as long as there is plenty of water. You can set the greens either closer to your golfing station or further away for optimal practice or fun. They even come in different sizes ranging from a 3’ X 3’ to a 8’ X 12’.




You can’t deny it sounds like a ball of fun! Reach out to us so we can tell you more. Texas Custom Turf has got you covered.


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