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Premature Matting

What is Premature Matting? Synthetic turf is known for its minimal maintenance and long-lasting look and feel. However, a pesky little thing called “premature matting” can require additional maintenance if you allow it to occur. Premature matting is just like it sounds – the turf fibers become all matted up and are no longer in […]

Synthetic Grass Timeline

1950s The Ford Foundation’s Educational Facilities Lab encouraged synthetic fiber carpeting in schools to improve inner city youth’s physical fitness. 1960s The Astrodome in Houston, Texas had the first ever artificial playing surface. Originally the Astrodome was covered in grass, then problems arose trying to keep the grass well kept. The glare off of the […]

Turf Rules the Playgrounds

The World is Your Playground Turf is engineered to be safe, clean and durable for any kind of kid play. Kids are notorious for falls and scrapes so we made sure to make the impact from a fall as safe as possible. Our turf is made to protect against impact injuries as the padding can cushion […]

Picture Perfect Summertime Lawn

Picture Perfect Summertime Lawn   Summer Is Rough on Our Lawns Summer is almost halfway done and the heat is gradually becoming hotter. Grass is turning brown as water is too costly to use on a daily basis. Keeping grass green, especially in Texas, is a difficult task. Do you ever long for a yard […]

Putting Greens for Golf Enthusiasts

Putting Greens for Golf Enthusiasts With 29 million golf players in the U.S., you could say the sport is fairly popular. Some play in the professional industry while others are more into it as a recreational activity. Whichever the use, Texas Custom Turf installs putting greens for your needs. A fair number of community and […]

Turf Helps with Allergy Season

Allergies No More Around 50 million Americans have some sort of grass allergy, making it difficult to even enjoy their own yard. The cause comes mostly from pollen as trees and a variety of grass types release it into the air as the wind spreads it around to different yards. This is where synthetic turf […]

What Turf Maintenance Really Means

No Mowing. No Watering. No Fertilizing. Yard work is a tiresome chore, because a lot of upkeep is required to keep the lawn well manicured. The idea behind turf is maintenance shouldn’t be a worry anymore. Synthetic grass is built with an internal draining system, so liquids are able to filter through the surface without […]

Why Is Artificial Turf a Good Investment?

How So? It’s true, we’re not going to dance around the cost of turf. It is a pricey number, but you shouldn’t let that scare you off. An investment is an investment for a reason, it should always pay off in the end. Did you know a single household’s lawn maintenance for a year costs […]

Artificial Grass is Pet Friendly

Some individuals decide to invest in artificial grass, because they have an animal companion. They are done dealing with the mess and prefer to work with a yard that is more low maintenance. However, pet safety also comes into play when making this decision. You may ask the question, “Is artificial grass safe for my […]