Five Useful Ways To Install Synthetic Custom Turf

Five Useful Ways To Install Synthetic Custom Turf

Most of us know all about using synthetic turf products for playgrounds, golf greens and other related residential commercial or municipal uses. But what about some of the more obscure ways to dress up a property with this evergreen material?


We’ve seen these five things done in public and private outdoor spaces, but they’re not talked about quite as much as some of the other types of projects that we do. Here are some interesting ideas if you’re trying to get this type of product on-site.




Yes, custom turf can cover aging concrete stairs or other types of similar installations. Here you can kill two birds with one stone, because while synthetic turf is an attractive covering that’s low-maintenance, it also helps with texture that supports traction. So it can help you to prevent some types of slip and fall injuries, which is good if you have any responsibility for the health and safety of visitors.


Poolside Installation


If you’re the type who hates to run around on hot concrete, synthetic turf can be a good option for the area directly around a public or private pool. As mentioned above it can help with traction in these situations, too, and help to shield you from some types of liability that can be problematic if someone falls.


Pet Stops


Most of us are familiar with using wide expanses of synthetic turf in a municipal dog park, but you can also think about adding small rectangles or other shapes to your exterior for a designated area for dogs. These smaller areas wouldn’t be dog runs per se, but they would offer dogs a place to discreetly do their business, and a way to keep a high-traffic property cleaner.


Dance Floors


If you’ve built an outdoor amphitheater and you want the crowd to come, think about adding some custom turf directly in front of the stage. It will help with maintenance and is much more resistant to crowds of moving feet than your traditional grass seed.


Fitness Stations and More


Have you ever done yoga outside on synthetic custom turf?


We have, and it’s pretty awesome. So if you have a multi-use public space that you’re in charge of, think about getting some of these small areas turfed to provide for all sorts of neat outdoor activities.


Talk to Texas Custom Turf for more about how you want to use synthetic custom turf for your property. This stuff is low maintenance, easy to clean, and a good investment. We’ll show you how!