Signs You Need to Replace Your Existing Artificial Turf

A recent survey found that over 93% of the homeowners in America have paid for professional landscaping services in the past year. Most homeowners view keeping their yard in pristine shape as a priority. If you live in an area that doesn’t receive a lot of rainfall, growing actual grass around your home will be challenging. Rather than trying in vain to grow grass, you need to think about investing in artificial turf. 

Some homeowners think that artificial turf lasts forever, but this is far from the truth. There will come a time when your existing turf has to be replaced. Here are some signs you may notice when it is time to invest in new artificial turf. 

Issues With Loose Inlays

If you are new to the world of artificial turf, you are probably unsure how this material is installed. Professionals use specialized machines and inlays to completely secure the new turf. Keeping the inlays and the seams in place requires the use of a high-grade adhesive. Over the years, your turf will be exposed to drastic temperature changes. These changes can wear out the adhesive over time. If you start to notice your turf is loose, you need to take action. 

This looseness generally occurs as a result of damaged adhesives or seams. While a professional can patch this problem, it is best to completely replace the turf. Allowing professionals to take a look at your existing turf can provide you with information regarding how to address the issues it has. 

The Turf is Visibly Damaged

Taking the time to inspect your turf on a regular basis is a good idea. As you look at your turf, take note of any rips or tears that are currently in place. While this type of damage is fairly common, it does not need to be ignored. The best way to ensure the same rips and tears don’t resurface is by completely replacing the turf. 

If you are in the market for new artificial turf, you need to schedule a few onsite estimates. These estimates can provide you with all the information you need to choose the right company to perform this work. Ideally, you want to choose a turf installer that is both reputable and experienced. 

Replace Your Faded Turf

Having green lush grass is something most homeowners view as a priority. If you have artificial turf, making sure it stays green and appealing is crucial. The older your turf gets, the more faded it will start to look. Allowing this faded turf to remain in place can significantly reduce the amount of curb appeal your residence has. With the addition of new turf, you can solve this common problem once and for all. 

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