The Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf Around Your Swimming Pool

The Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf Around Your Swimming Pool

The summer heat in Texas can get quite brutal. One of the best ways to beat the heat temporarily is by taking a dip in a swimming pool. Over 10 million homes in the United States have a pool. If you are lucky enough to have a pool right outside of your back door, keeping the area around this investment appealing should be a top priority.

Having a lush green landscape around your pool can make the outside of your home much more appealing. Instead of using actual grass in this area, you need to consider investing in artificial turf. Below are some of the benefits that come with installing artificial turf around your swimming pool.

Avoid Tracking Mud All Over the Place

Most pool owners are quite familiar with common moves like the swan dive or cannonball. When these moves are performed correctly, lots of water will fly out of the pool. This can lead to puddles of water developing, which can be problematic if your pool is surrounded by actual grass. Not only will these puddles be damaging to the grass, it can also result in the formation of mud.

Tracking mud from your pool into your home can be a very aggravating experience. If you are tired of your walkways and the interior of your home being covered in mud, then it is time to find an effective solution to this problem. One of the best ways to say goodbye to this problem for good is by investing in artificial turf. Not only will this lack of mud help you keep your home clean, it will also keep your pool much cleaner.

Artificial Grass Won’t Allow Water To Pool

The last thing any homeowner wants is for the area around their pool to look like a large mud puddle. Whether you are dealing with rain or overflowing water from your pool, proper draining is the only way to avoid these puddles. The perforated backing on artificial turf allows for water to flow through with ease.

This means you will not have to worry about the aggravation and damage caused by puddles of water. The initial cost of artificial turf will be worth it due to the appeal and functionality it will provide.

The Durability Factor

Natural grass is appealing but is also fragile when exposed to high levels of foot traffic. If this foot traffic occurs when the natural grass is wet, it can result in large chunks being torn from your landscaping. Not only will this make the landscaping around your pool unappealing, it will also allow for more water to pool in this area. This is why you need to invest in artificial turf. This covering is extremely durable, which means it will look great for years to come with a limited amount of maintenance.

Are you ready to put artificial grass around your pool? If so, then it is time to put the team at Texas Custom Turf to work.