3 Tips For Constructing a Backyard Putting Green

If you want to practice your golf skills without leaving the comfort of your own backyard, consider constructing a putting green. With artificial turf in Austin, TX, you can craft a realistic course to fit your golfing needs.


Playing golf is a favorite pastime for millions of Americans. In fact, over 25 million people play golf in the United States annually. Working on your putting game from the comfort of your home is possible with a backyard putting green.


But before you start building a backyard putting green, consider these tips for success.

 Selecting a Suitable Location

When considering artificial turf installation for a backyard putting green, you’ll need to choose the ideal location. Ideally, your putting green should be flat and have good drainage capacity. This will ensure that water does not pool around the artificial grass and cause it to become soggy or even rot. You’ll also need to consider the area’s lighting to ensure there is enough natural light so that your artificial grass doesn’t get too hot during sunny days.


Another important thing to remember when choosing a location for your putting green is its proximity to other activities like barbecuing, swimming or playing catch. You don’t want the ball to roll into the pool or onto a hot grill. It is best to have a designated area of your yard just for your putting green unless you can keep it separate from other activities.

 Prepare The Surface For Artificial Turf

Once you’ve chosen the ideal location for your artificial turf putting green, you’ll need to prepare the area before the installation process can begin. This includes leveling out the area and removing any existing vegetation, rocks or other debris that may get in the way. It is important to ensure that the location’s surface is as bright as possible to ensure the best results for your artificial turf.


You’ll also need to consider things like drainage and irrigation when preparing the area for installation. For example, if you live in an area with heavy rainfall, installing a good drainage system is important to help water drain away from your putting green. Additionally, if you plan on soaking your artificial turf regularly to keep it healthy, you’ll need to make sure that there is a water source nearby.

Up Your Putting Game With The Right Obstacles

Adding obstacles to your backyard putting green can make for a more challenging and exciting game. There are several design elements you can choose from when constructing a course, such as bunkers or water hazards.


Bunkers are mounds of sand located near the hole that golfers must maneuver around when taking their shots. These bunkers can be artificial or natural and are usually made of artificial turf or sand.


Water hazards, such as streams, ponds or artificial lakes, present an even greater challenge on the course. These water hazards can be included in your artificial turf installation process to add some difficulty to your putting game.

Texas Custom Turf is Here To Assist You!

With artificial turf in Austin, TX, you can create a realistic course for honing your game. Texas Custom Turf is here to help you bring your backyard putting green to life.