Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Benefits of Synthetic Turf

When you think of synthetic grass, it’s easy to assume that it’s scratchy and uncomfortable. However, modern options are attractive, adding a beautiful touch of greenery to any area that needs it.

There are many benefits to opting for synthetic grass for your lawn, such as:

Reduce Water Waste

Keeping a grass lawn green and lush can take a great deal of water, especially during dry spells or summer heat. Opting for synthetic turf allows you to enjoy the bright green grass you want, without stressing about your water bill. If you want to enjoy a lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood, but don’t want to have a negative effect on either your checkbook or the water table, synthetic turf might be an excellent option.

Limit Maintenance Expense

Unless you’re doing all of your own lawn care, maintaining pristine green grass can get expensive fast. And if you’re managing your own grass, it takes a lot of time and energy. Whether you’re paying in money or in time, lawn maintenance costs add up quickly. You can limit the investment on your lawn by replacing all or part of it with synthetic turf. You’ll have the initial investment, but there’s no ongoing maintenance cost to budget for year after year.

Grass can be a tough option to maintain for sports fields and playgrounds, as the athletic activity adds up to a lot of wear and tear on the plants over time. Synthetic turf is far more durable and is a great fit for areas that are regularly exposed to running children, athletic sports, or other high impact activities. Consider adding this to fun outdoor areas today, whether you’re outfitting a small lawn, a daycare playground, or an entire sporting complex.

Increased Seasonal Availability

In the fall, early winter, and early spring, your grass may be less available for outdoor activities. It may not be as soft and green as you’d like, impacted by both the temperature and the water table in your area. If you need access to an outdoor recreational area throughout the seasons, synthetic turf may be a good option for you.

When you’re ready to make the jump to a lawn that will stand the test of time, reach out to the friendly professionals at Texas Custom Turf. We’ll provide you with an estimate and help you make the first steps toward the beautiful, attractive outdoor space that you need.