Four Layouts For Artificial Turf

If you’ve read some of the past blog posts, you probably became convinced that artificial turf is the way to go in the age of water scarcity and ecological peril.

Or you just decided that you didn’t want to mow your grass anymore, because it takes too much time and it’s too stressful! That’s a big reason to go the artificial turf route – and this option becomes really valuable to people who just don’t have the bandwidth to push a mower around. 

Either way, here are some cool layouts that you can choose from in order to install artificial turf on your property.

The Patio

One of the simplest layouts that you can choose is to craft a single piece of round or rectangular turf, and set your table and chairs in the middle. It’s simple, but it’s effective and often looks neat in a courtyard or other exterior space. The patio is one of the more conventional ways to install – but that’s not your only choice!

Runners and Paths

You can also outfit decks and other conveying areas with artificial turf runners, long thin pieces that stretch out to direct people around the property. That’s a way to decorate a property in a functional manner, and a way to protect underlying materials, too. 

Versaille Gardens Design

This is a cool one, and it goes by many names. Some people call it an “Elizabethan” design – and some just draw it up and call it modernist. 

Essentially, what you’re doing is taking a larger space and outfitting it with multiple modular turf designs.

The simplest way to think of it is with rectangular turf split up into carefully parceled areas that are delineated by concrete or stone or some other impervious material.

However, you can use round shapes, too. The sky’s the limit when it comes to putting in “turf gardens” that, unlike natural gardens, will stay neat and manicured for a long time!

Golf Course Design

If you’re already putting artificial turf on your property’s exterior, it’s easy to create your own backyard or deck golf area.

If you’re handy with the clubs, you’ll enjoy whacking balls around on your own property.

Just add your hole for the ball, and the flag, and you’re done.

Think about these attractive layout options for innovative artificial turf that can lower the maintenance burden on your property. We can help to provide these innovative solutions for a “lawn 2.0” or other outdoor space.