Is Synthetic Turf A Natural Solution?

Your first impulse, in thinking about this weighty question, might be to say that of course, grass is a lot more natural than synthetic turf.


Still, it might make sense to think about it a little more.


Landscaping and turf management has become a billion-dollar business. Companies do battle in this market space all the time, in order to get contracts for mowing and spraying and fertilizing, etc.


Then you have your synthetic turf – yes, it’s made in a manufacturing facility, but it’s easy to put on, and cares for itself pretty well over time.


Herbicides and Chemicals


More and more, you see open lawn spaces being bathed in caustic chemicals, and even items that some organizations consider carcinogenic. Then you have cases where children or pets get exposed to these items, and you have a real mess on your hands. That’s why the landscaping companies now have to leave behind those little signs on plastic holders, to make sure that people don’t poison themselves.


That’s all-natural, right?


That’s tongue-in-cheek, but in all seriousness, synthetic turf requires none of this. You simply spray it with water. You eliminate all of this sometimes painful chemical process. You don’t even have to think about whether anything will be dangerous for dogs or kids – or get angry phone calls later if you didn’t anticipate some of these issues upfront. It’s enough to make any public space manager or business owner want something like artificial turf that takes care of itself!


Your Ecological Footprint


Most people understand the perils of treating natural grass with unnatural chemicals, but here’s something else to consider when you’re looking at synthetic turf.


Many companies and other big properties use landscaping crews to mow and trim.


Now, think about the carbon footprint of having those big mowers and other gear come to your property on trucks every week. Man, it really adds up!


Again, synthetic turf doesn’t require any of this. It’s easy to install, easy to clean and very easy to take care of, because it’s not growing and requiring a haircut every week out of the temperate growing calendar.


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