What’s On Our Free Quote Form? (And What’s Not On Our Free Quote Form?)

So on the website, we have a free quote form you can use to get an estimate on your synthetic turfgrass.


It’s pretty simple and basic, and we made it that way for a reason.


Here’s what’s on our form and how you can get connected.

Your Contact Information

 We’ll need your contact information – like a phone number or email, and your name and all that good stuff. That’s just a basic part of doing business – and it helps to put a name to a face when that’s important in dealmaking. We may not use the fanciest CRM or have a great big call center somewhere – on the other hand, we will not jeopardize your privacy or hard-sell or use your data in any of the underhanded ways you see reported in the press.

Estimated Square Footage

 We’ll also need some square footage estimate because that’s how we price the synthetic turf grass. Then we can get you the hard numbers, and you can start thinking about how great your property will look with this kind of makeover. 

Any Details You Want

 Everything else you put in a message box. You can ask us anything about what we have on the web with our synthetic turf products. You can also access the FAQ on the website and other resources we have put there for the good of the cause.


This is your blank canvas to reach out and say what you’re thinking about, what your design plan looks like, and what you would like from us.


Our contact info is there for you to follow up!

No Big Form

 What’s not on our form is a bunch of small text fields making people jump through hoops to get an estimate.


We know that you’re busy and you have a full schedule. So it’s easier to write your message, send it in, and be done with it.


We will go over all of the project details, including base, particular area design, and more. But we can do that on the back end, following up from your initial contact.


We know that it’s important to get things jumpstarted or “git ‘r done” (as Larry, the cable guy, used to say.), So we designed our site like that to give you access to the best synthetic turfgrass resources and help you jumpstart the process. 


So when you’re trying to make that switch, when you’re thinking about the benefits of sod versus synthetic turf, when you have certain reservations about water access or maintenance or anything else, you can simply come to one of the best vendors get connected quickly and easily. Make this the year you upgrade to synthetic turf!