Artificial Grass is Pet Friendly

Some individuals decide to invest in artificial grass, because they have an animal companion. They are done dealing with the mess and prefer to work with a yard that is more low maintenance. However, pet safety also comes into play when making this decision. You may ask the question, “Is artificial grass safe for my furry friend?”

The answer is not just yes, but absolutely yes! Synthetic grass is engineered as nontoxic and made specifically safe for our animals. The grass is made from a synthetic polyethylene fiber, which in turn keeps animals feeling comfortable and happy as they play on the natural-esque feeling turf. Most importantly, the grass maintains its look and feel all year round.

How so? Well the grass is filled with washed sand, which keeps the blades straight and pleasing to the eye as they come across as natural looking. The composition and yarn within the blades keep the turf strong and durable throughout the roughest animal plays. Digging won’t even be a problem anymore, because the turf is designed to withstand tough usage. Say goodbye to dirt paws on the family sofa.

Pet waste and urine is also a critical factor when learning about artificial grass. Luckily, the artificial grass can withstand them both as the grass reduces bacterial build-up. The urine and its smell are easily dissolved and the waste can be taken care of with a hose and water. Even discoloration will not amount to an issue.

So you see, don’t debate whether artificial grass is safe for your animals or not. We make sure to provide turf safe for any pet. Maintenance is so easy to keep, and the durability and feel is perfect for animals of all shapes and sizes.