Why Is Artificial Turf a Good Investment?

How So?

It’s true, we’re not going to dance around the cost of turf. It is a pricey number, but you shouldn’t let that scare you off. An investment is an investment for a reason, it should always pay off in the end. Did you know a single household’s lawn maintenance for a year costs anywhere between $2000-$3000? Just think about the costs towards fertilization, irrigation systems, and from mowing to watering costs. And do you pay someone else to do these tedious tasks for you? All of it adds up.

Our turf uses the latest technology on the market. What does that mean? Our turf contains a yarn composition that is able to withstand more ‘“wear and tear.” These turf installments have the capability to last for several years. It is estimated that new synthetic grass installments are expected to pay for itself in about 3 to 3 ½ years. Conveniently, there are several products on the market able to fit within your budget.

What Else?

It’s also important to factor in time. Time you’ll gain from installing this synthetic turf. Usually an entire day is set aside to do yard work. With synthetic turf, this will not be a problem anymore. And what about those winter months? You’ll have a beautiful yard all year round. Additionally, in allergy season, synthetic turf will not contribute to the problem like real grass does. Even pets won’t become a problem in maintaining a well manicured lawn. Look back on our “Artificial Turf is Pet Friendly” blog to learn more.

Fun Fact

If that didn’t win you over, according to Bob Vila, home improvement TV show host, “a professionally landscaped property is a sure ticket to quick resale. It gives a home curb appeal, a sense of place and value.” It’s a first impression that can “add 20 percent to your home’s value, a figure that rivals the return on a new kitchen or bath.”

Every investment should take some time to consider. We hope you reach out to us if you have any questions at all. Texas Custom Turf has got you covered.