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Complement a Garden to a Synthetic Lawn

Complement a Garden to a Synthetic Lawn   One of the vast benefits of synthetic turf is its ability to blend in with foliage and plants. You could almost say it’s better to complement the two. Even though turf is synthetic in nature, it pairs well with real plants. The reason being is because it’s hard […]

Pets Adore Texas Custom Turf

Pets Adore Texas Custom Turf Those of us who have pets, want them to have the best environment possible. Especially those with dogs, the ultimate outdoor backyard is important to keep your canine happy. With the Texas summer heat rolling in, sometimes this isn’t always possible. It’s difficult keeping grass healthy, green and luscious. Some […]

City-Wide Projects

City-Wide Projects   Many businesses and private companies are on the forefront of switching from grass to turf. Major cities such as Austin, Dallas, New York and LA are leaning more towards an environmental friendly trend. Comparing the costs of upkeep for grass vs. turf makes turf a winning contestant. City-wide projects range from parks […]

Turf vs. Grass for Athletic Fields

Turf vs. Grass for Athletic Fields   Grass has too many disadvantages nowadays for it to be a better investment than synthetic turf. Especially for athletic fields, some of the disadvantages range from injuries to weather to maintenance. For example, if a heavy rainstorm occurred or a drought lasted longer than expected, replanting grass costs […]

Eco-Friendly Yard

Eco-Friendly Yard   The debate over global warming and protecting the environment has been an ongoing issue. However, it’s safe to say a majority of us agree that cutting back on water usage and pollution can only help the environment and our wallets. Many homeowners have taken steps to do home improvements and DIY projects […]

Seam Rupture Repair

 Seam Rupture Repair   A seam rupture occurs when seams binding synthetic turf together break down, leaving a barren spot. This may or may not be fixable depending how bad the seam rupture is. It’s important not to leave the ruptured seam at bay because not only does it create an unattractive look in your yard, […]

Let it Snow

Let it Snow The weather is gradually becoming cooler each day. On the off chance snow comes out to play, what does that mean for your synthetic grass? Well believe it or not we’ve been over this. It should be obvious by now that synthetic turf is almost invincible.     Fun fact: Artificial grass […]

Fluff up Your Turf with Drought-Tolerant Plants

Turn Your Landscape into a Drought-Tolerant Oasis So you finally have your perfect synthetic grass landscape. Maybe you’ve noticed there’s something else missing. What goes great with a synthetic yard? Plants. Drought-tolerant plants at that. And we’re not talking about the synthetic plants you buy at your local Hobby Lobby. You can purchase real-life plants […]

Blade Shapes and Why They Matter

Blade Shapes and Why They Matter   So you probably didn’t even realize synthetic grass has different blade shapes before reading this article. Additionally, you’re probably wondering how they could possibly matter that much. The truth is, choosing the right blade shape is like picking out that great pair of shoes you wear 24/7 until […]

Rooftop and Balcony Installations

Rooftop and Balcony Installations   Is This a Thing?  Of course! Imagine being a city dweller living in an apartment or owning a home with a balcony. What are the chances of those individuals actually using their roof or balcony? Now imagine installing synthetic turf within these areas. Never thought about that before, have you? Would […]