Rooftop and Balcony Installations

Rooftop and Balcony Installations


Is This a Thing? 

Of course! Imagine being a city dweller living in an apartment or owning a home with a balcony. What are the chances of those individuals actually using their roof or balcony? Now imagine installing synthetic turf within these areas. Never thought about that before, have you? Would synthetic turf make you would want to venture out to your rooftop or balcony more often? It could very well be an appealing idea, because you can transform a boring rooftop view or a lonesome balcony into a relaxing sanctuary for recreation or privacy. It’s like having a yard without dealing with the work a yard entails. Living in a city could now provide the best of both worlds. 


Does Texas Custom Turf Know How to Install These Projects? 

Always. In truth, these rooftop/balcony installations are becoming quite popular. A lot of these projects are so different from what installers are used to, that they don’t provide this service. However, with Texas Custom Turf we’ve already had the experience and know exactly what to do!

With artificial turf, you can pretty much install turf wherever you’d like. It requires minimal maintenance and the composition is the same all year round. The turf will not add heat to the rooftop and you don’t need to worry about the weather or temperature, because synthetic turf can withstand the dreariest of days.


How Is It Done?

Most rooftops or balconies use TPO – thermoplastic polyolefin. TPO allows 100% protection against water and offers an inexpensive way to complement a roof setting. A SGW drain system must also be installed so water and other particles are not hanging out on the roof with nowhere to go. An adhesive must also be applied first to make sure the drain core stays in place. Next, a fiberglass reinforcement is applied for a smooth surface so rain water can pass under the drain core and exit the roof or balcony. Lastly, you can add the customary infill and turf.