Texas Custom Turf Has Floating Golf Greens!

Floating Golf Greens

Fall is finally on its way and the cold might finally make an appearance. That means the days of swimming are over. But that doesn’t mean you need to close up the pool for the season, because Texas Custom Turf is now selling Floating Golf Greens! Have a little family fun or invite some friends over for a “pool party.” This new and improved golfing experience is one for the books. 


What are They?

Floating Golf Greens are exactly how they sound – golf greens that float on the water. These are perfect for golf enthusiasts that want to add a little fun to their life and it’s possible right at their own home. The turf-covered pool chipping green includes a turf Teebox, Floating Golf Balls, a Premium Practice Flag and instructions to set up.

The fringe on the flotation devices even extend over to deliver a green closer to 9’ by 13’. This is to make an optimal golfing palooza perfect for any golf lover whatever their expertise level may be.


What Can You Use it For?

You can use the green for a residential or country club pool, pond, dock, or lake setting. Honestly, you can probably use it for any setting as long as there is plenty of water. You can set the greens either closer to your golfing station or further away for optimal practice or fun. They even come in different sizes ranging from a 3’ X 3’ to a 8’ X 12’.




You can’t deny it sounds like a ball of fun! Reach out to us so we can tell you more. Texas Custom Turf has got you covered.


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