Premature Matting

What is Premature Matting?

Synthetic turf is known for its minimal maintenance and long-lasting look and feel. However, a pesky little thing called “premature matting” can require additional maintenance if you allow it to occur. Premature matting is just like it sounds – the turf fibers become all matted up and are no longer in an upright position. This is caused from excessive weight for a significant amount of time or heavy foot traffic. To prevent premature matting, the first step is to know your landscape and ask yourself a few questions to figure out the optimal turf product for your needs.

How Do I Prevent It?

One important question is: “Is the turf going to be exposed to heavy foot traffic?” Are your kids going to be playing all day on it? Do you have pets? Are you putting furniture or other heavy objects on top? Or is it simply there to give a nice appeal to your yard?

If the answer is yes to a lot of foot traffic, then you probably want a textured or grooved fiber. The infill should also be a factor for heavy foot traffic like taking a mixture of 70% crumb rubber and 30% Durafill. If the area requires a lot of entering and exiting, then a hardscape installation may be a better way to go as well. This can be a series of stepping stones or pavers to create as much internal movement as possible.

What Else?

Another factor to take into consideration is if your kids will be playing on it. If this is the case, then a softer fiber usually is a better choice. You still want a textured fiber as well, but you can still have it soft to the touch. Additionally, heavy objects on the synthetic turf can cause premature matting. Weight allows fibers to lose their memory faster, especially if weight is present for extended amounts of time. Infill should be placed to the top of the fibers where the furniture is to be placed.

Remember, the most important question to ask yourself is what the turf will be used for. This will help Texas Custom Turf tremendously as we’ll be able to better serve your needs and offer a turf product that requires minimal maintenance.