Turf Helps with Allergy Season

Allergies No More

Around 50 million Americans have some sort of grass allergy, making it difficult to even enjoy their own yard. The cause comes mostly from pollen as trees and a variety of grass types release it into the air as the wind spreads it around to different yards. This is where synthetic turf comes in and solves for the problem. During allergy season, mostly spring and summer, grass harbors pollen which in turn triggers allergies. Synthetic turf is made from manmade products and does not hold as much pollen as regular grass would. Even if some pollen were to get caught up in the turf blades, routine rinsing of the turf will wash away any allergy-causing debris.

A yard with grass requires excessive manual labor on a routine basis. There really is no way around the grass allergies even if the lawn were maintained regularly. Excess grass growth traps dust, pollen and allergy-causing debris, which in turn causes itchy eyes, runny nose, congestion and so on. If you were to mow, pollen would still be stirred up in the air from the process. With turf, all you need is a hose and water. It even has a built in draining system that doesn’t allow for any buildup or bacterial growth.


Pets Are Affected too

Did you know dogs even suffer from allergies? Many may not know that turf is safer for pets as well. Dogs are constantly rolling around in grass, running around kicking up dirt, and having a good ‘ole time. But these rough plays are kicking up pollen as well which affects the dogs and their owners. With synthetic turf, this pollen issue will be no more. Additionally, the turf is actually pet friendly in more ways than one. Click here to find out why.


Invest in Turf for Your Health

Synthetic turf reduces the need for pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Cutting back on these harmful products helps with allergies as well, because they won’t be breathed in ever again. Reducing pollen from your yard will make an incredible difference you’ll be sure to notice. Don’t keep fighting those gruesome allergies year after year. Invest in turf to make your life that much easier and healthier.


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