Common Pet Injuries That You Can Prevent By Investing in Artificial Turf

Common Pet Injuries That You Can Prevent By Investing in Artificial Turf

One of the most rewarding things you can do in life is to adopt a pet in need. With the addition of a new pet, you can get the undying loyalty, love and cuteness overload that has been missing from your life. Bringing a pet into your home will require you to put certain safeguards in place to ensure your furry family member doesn’t get hurt.

For the estimated 90 million families in the United States who own pets, providing these animals with a safe and spacious yard is a top priority. Most people fail to realize that hardscaping elements and some grasses can create a hazardous environment for some pets. Read below to find out about some common pet injuries you can prevent when investing in artificial turf.

Broken and Torn Nails

At one time or another, you will probably have to deal with a pet nail injury. When dogs are let outside, they tend to zoom around to get some of their energy out. If the yard a dog is running in has hardscaping elements like asphalt or concrete, it can lead to damage to their nails or paw pads. If these nail injuries are overlooked, they will get progressively worse.

Instead of allowing your dog to run in a yard full of hazards, you need to think about investing in artificial turf. This covering is much softer and more forgiving them hardscaping elements.

Flea and Tick Infestations

While natural grass can be very appealing, it can also present lots of problems for your pets. Usually, natural grass is a breeding ground for things like fleas and ticks. If these pests are allowed to get onto your dog’s fur or skin, it can cause them a lot of pain and discomfort.

Generally, dogs will pick up fleas and ticks when they are rolling around on the grass. If you are tired of picking these pests out of your dog’s fur, then it is time to consider natural grass alternatives like artificial turf. By replacing your natural grass with artificial turf, you can take away the moist and shady conditions where these pests like to hide.

Avoid the Risk of Chemical Poisoning

The average homeowner uses a number of chemicals when trying to keep their lawn in pristine shape. While these chemicals can help to keep a lawn healthy, they can also be hazardous to a pet. If your pet is exposed to harmful lawn and garden chemicals, it might need immediate medical attention. Rather than exposing your pet to these chemicals, you need to find an exterior lawn covering that is always green and doesn’t require chemicals.

The best option to meet these needs is artificial turf. Once you have artificial turf installed around your home, you will quickly realize how appealing and functional it is.

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