Modernization With Turf

Modernization With Turf

One thing that modern property managers often understand is that just because something has always been some way, doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way forever.

Certain types of new trends are making their way into the building and property management worlds. For instance, you have innovative lock systems that do away with the need for a hefty jingling key ring and all the inconvenience and legwork that entails. You also have automated smart home and property management systems for remote HVAC and other efficiencies. But what about outdoors? Is there a way to change the way you handle these systems for massive efficiencies, too?

The Power of Turf

Synthetic turf is like that, too.

This innovative product replaces the labor-intensive grass that actually can cost a property owner many thousands of dollars over the course of several years. Lawn care can be expensive and contribute to global warming, all in the name of keeping up with a very specific principle that’s eliminated when you order modern synthetic turf materials installed on your property.

Manicured Outdoor Spaces and Maintenance

In so many ways, people who are managing the exterior of a property are at war with Mother Nature.

Nature wants things to grow in a particular yard or exterior space. It’s not just grass that grows out of control if not mowed or tended. Various types of weeds and junk trees also proliferate.

In replacing grassy yard space with synthetic turf, you get a one-time installation that eliminates regular heavy maintenance work week after week, for a number of years during a temporary growing season.

In other words, just get out your calculator and figure up the cost and environmental impact of your lawn care, and then think about doing away with all of that entirely.

Then check out our gallery of modern spaces equipped with this synthetic turf that is essentially extremely low-maintenance and an excellent investment for a greener property life. What you might see is an excellent opportunity to change how you approach property planning and get rid of some of the most troublesome costs that you face over time.

There are also many different ways to lay out these artificial materials. We can help to provide the consulting that leaves you with a better end result, with turf that is strategically integrated into your property’s infrastructure. Working around buildings and appurtenances takes some planning, and we are happy to be a partner in that process. Browse the site to brainstorm what this might look like at your site.