Not Just for Golf Courses!


In decades past, synthetic turf or “astroturf” got kind of a bad reputation.


Not bad, exactly, but in some ways, quite limited. Synthetic turf sort of got “typecast,” unfortunately, because using it can help solve some big property issues. 


Think about a family of five playing mini-golf, swinging their putters over swaths of synthetic turf, or some faded and drab green stuff laid under picnic tables at a fast-food restaurant.


Now think about lush outdoor spaces where everything is neat and manicured, and you’ll never have weeds or dandelions or bald patches at all.


Synthetic turf is, frankly speaking, a miracle solution for many outdoor spaces where maintenance is a problem. With advances in design, synthetic turf can be an excellent option for elegant outdoor spaces and an alternative to slaving over grass, which can be prone to drying out or dying. 


Spraying and Harmful Effects


Generally, we’re seeing more awareness about the potential health problems linked to commonly use pesticides and herbicides. We’re also seeing how that awareness breaks down in property administration – if you’re making property decisions for anyone else, for a rental or a park or public business location, you can see some blowback from chemical treating, serious concerns that people may have about their children or their pets or themselves.


People don’t want to dump all of the stuff on their lawns – but in some cases, outdoor spaces that are not chemically treated can tend to get unruly. Synthetic turf can be a game-changer in these scenarios!


Stormwater Runoff


Suppose you’re trying to clean up a watershed area that leads down to a major waterway. We’ve also learned a lot about this in the past few decades. Years ago, there wasn’t as much of a focus on keeping bays and channels and river deltas in good health. Now, synthetic turf can be a way to decrease the amounts of grass clippings and other items making their way into storm sewers.


Easy Maintenance


If you’re wondering what synthetic turf can do for your property, take a look at all of the dollars and hours that are put into mowing and trimming and caring for a yard area.


Avoid all of this with synthetic turf that never needs this kind of haircut. You’ll see how easy it can be to maintain outdoor areas without sacrificing the look of your property. 

For more, check out the website and our gallery of projects, and give us a call with any questions about how to install these types of improvements at your home or business.