Synthetic Turf and Fill

Why do people choose synthetic turf for outdoor areas?


First, let’s look at residential versus commercial synthetic turf.


In each case, you have a certain kind of need. Residential turf may have to deal with pet activity and high-traffic use. Commercial turf might have to do with even higher methods of traffic and a need for a pristine commercial appearance.


However, in both of these cases, synthetic turf can save enormous amounts of money over time. These types of surfaces don’t have to be mowed, and can present a neat appearance for a long time without additional capital sunk into them. The same cannot be said for grass!


Specific Use Cases


Residential and commercial synthetic turf can be used for projects like:


Golf courses




Pet areas


Those are just a few of the applications that we’ve seen customers want as we move synthetic turf into exteriors as a cheap and easy alternative.


Using Infill


We have a specific type of info called Durafill that works underneath the synthetic turf. The turf itself has a perforated backing, so that moisture drains down into the infill. The infill, however, is not absorbent, so the water drains further down into the ground below.


This infill is antimicrobial and antibacterial, and resists compaction.


That makes it an excellent candidate for long-lasting longevity and green, synthetic turf.


Suppose you want something for your yard that’s just nice and neat. Or suppose that you want to save water in a time of drought.


Or for instance, suppose you want to save the time and energy spent mowing the lawn. That doesn’t even address the fuel savings that you get from some type of exterior installation that doesn’t grow over every season. (For example, think about seniors in their homes struggling to pay a lawn care company month after month after month.)


People are getting more serious about conservation in general, and they’re also looking to save their time, which is a precious commodity. It’s no small thing to change how you manage a component of your property, for the long term, and have that time and resources to do with what you wish. In fact, that’s a top reason that we hear for people requesting our consultation on these types of systems. It’s just something that they have finally decided to pull the trigger on after often thinking about it for a while and wondering: could I be doing this in a better way? 


Synthetic turf helps with all of these objectives and more. It’s a practical alternative for today, and something that homeowners in many areas are considering to innovate how they maintain their properties. Talk to us about residential or business turf, and we’ll help you put together a practical plan for benefiting from this modern option.