How To Keep Your Custom Turf Like-New

How To Keep Your Custom Turf Like-New

With so many home and business owners enjoying the benefits of their custom artificial turf, it is more important than ever to keep it looking new. Synthetic turf is highly durable, but it does need a little tender love and care to remain beautiful for years to come. One of the biggest mistakes property owners can make to neglect to care for their artificial turf, which puts it in danger of showing signs of wear and tear before it is time.

To ensure you continue to be thrilled with your low-maintenance artificial turf, follow these simple steps to keep it and your investment in peak condition.

  1. Clear Away Debris

Debris should be cleared as soon as you notice it on your artificial turf. Items like twigs, leaves, flower petals, pine straws, and other natural debris should be removed to prevent matting. Remove all the droppings around blooming fruit trees and different plant life to keep stained turf at bay. This simple cleaning method will keep your turf blades upright and stain-free.

  1. Rinse Off Turf When Needed

Homeowners and business owners love artificial turf because it doesn’t need water to stay green all year. No matter what you put it through, your artificial turf will stay as vibrant as the day it was installed. However, dust and grime stuck on and in between the turf blades can cause it to appear dingy and discolored. All you need to do is give it a quick rinse with a hose to rid your synthetic turf of bothersome dirt and grime, no need for extensive water use.

  1. Cross-brush Artificial Turf Blades Monthly

Unlike natural grass, your artificial turf grass will never turn brown from use, and it doesn’t need to be mowed weekly to stay at the perfect height. To keep your turf looking brand-new, cross-brush the blades to keep them upright. This task is easy and fun, and all it takes is a sweep of a comb with synthetic bristles on a regular monthly basis, and your turf will instantly stand straight.

  1. Clean Up Pet Potty And Spills When They Happen

The best way to avoid stained artificial turf is to clean up spills and pet potty places as quickly as possible. Whether a guest drops barbeque sauce, the kids spill juice or your furry friend relieves himself on your turf, simply remove the liquid by blotting the area and use a mild detergent to clean. After just a little water to rinse the spot, it should be as good as new.

Fortunately, your artificial turf grass has been engineered to withstand stains, but doing your part will keep it clean and fresh for years to come.