The Grass Can Be Greener With Texas Custom Turf

When you have visions of lush, green grassy landscapes, artificial turf may not immediately come to mind. But what you may not know is that artificial grasses have come a long way from the football fields and cheap outdoor rugs of the past and today’s artificial turfs are creating designer impacts in many different applications. 


Artificial Grass

This new generation of artificial grass is made from innovative materials that offer realistic looks that feel soft to the touch and never fade. Because this material looks and feels so natural, it is becoming a popular choice for a growing number of uses and spaces. Not only does artificial turf give the appearance of healthy green grass, but it also requires zero upkeep and can be placed in any space regardless of environmental conditions. 


Courtyards & Alcoves

Many businesses and private properties have interesting architectural features such as courtyards and alcoves. These spaces have traditionally been bricked with stone or natural materials, tiled, or floored with concrete. The use of natural grasses is typically unsuccessful in these locations as drainage can be a problem, limited sunlight can hinder growth, and upkeep is difficult in smaller spaces. Artificial turf is a beautiful option for flooring or addition to the flooring of these enchanting areas, adding natural green of nature without the hassle of growing real grasses.


Pool Decking & Patios

While concrete and slate may work to keep dirt and debris out of our pools, these materials are hot to the touch and can make slips and falls more dangerous. Artificial turf is being used as an alternative to pool and patio decking as it provides a more forgiving surface. Adding design elements as well as providing necessary functionality, these artificial grasses can bring relief to vast areas of concrete. 


Yards & Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

Beautiful in any landscaping setting, artificial turf can be applied in as small or as large an area as you desire. No maintenance means you have more time to enjoy your great outdoors as you like, relaxing under shade trees, playing ball with family and pets, and entertaining guests with dinner al fresco. Artificial turf looks and feels so much like natural grass that except for the time and money saved on upkeep, you will not be able to tell the difference. 


Experienced Artificial Turf Professionals

Whether you plan to use artificial grass in your business or personal property, it is important to use the highest quality products and professional service available in order to achieve your goals. Texas Custom Turf makes your decision to leave natural grass behind with its innovative products and experienced technicians. Remember, the grass can be greener on both sides of your fence with Texas Custom Turf.