Three Resources You'll Find on Our Web Site

Three Resources You’ll Find on Our Web Site

What’s different about Texas Custom Turf? How do we help customers to practically install synthetic turf solutions and get their properties looking better and easier to maintain?


Here are three resources you want to peruse if you are considering this type of project for your property. Learning more up front will help you to visualize and imagine what your property space will look like after one of these jobs is done.




On this part of the web site, we break down different residential and commercial applications. We talk about using synthetic turf for pet areas or golf course areas, or other types of property exteriors. You start to get a window into how this works, and a vision for how it’s going to apply to your property. By seeing different “classes” of projects, you also see the versatility of synthetic turf solutions – and that gets a lot of people thinking in a whole new way!


Visual Gallery


Here, with pictures of our past work, you see the neat, angular lines and contoured curves that Texas Custom Turf can provide at a property by putting in turf the proper way. You visualize how this stuff looks, and why it looks so great after installation. You start to plan in more detail – and you can look at the shape and size of the lot you’re considering, to see what’s practical there.




The frequently asked questions part of our web site allows you to work through some of your initial concerns with synthetic turf. Can I clean it? How does it drain? These are excellent questions, and we answer them for you up front, so that you know what you’re getting into if this is your very first turf project ever.


Find all of this and more for effective help with custom turf installs.


This type of synthetic turf material is great for many different uses. It’s very durable and stands up to the elements well – that’s some of what our customers talk about when they explain how they used this material for different use cases including recreation, household areas, or around a commercial business that needs a good manicured look for an exterior space.


Go with a firm that has authority on turf. Talk to a company that knows it stuff when it comes to synthetic turf management and installation. We go the extra mile with customer service that helps you get the most out of your job. We’re happy to consult on your next turf project. It’s even easier than you think it is!