Turf Rules the Playgrounds

The World is Your Playground

Turf is engineered to be safe, clean and durable for any kind of kid play. Kids are notorious for falls and scrapes so we made sure to make the impact from a fall as safe as possible. Our turf is made to protect against impact injuries as the padding can cushion falls up to 10 feet or more, meeting American Society for Testing and Materials standards. The pads underneath the equipment are also made to meet the height and fall requirements for IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufactures Association). 


The durafill and turf even maintains its look and feel for several years. Water won’t have to be wasted anymore, maintenance is not a hassle and kids can have fun whenever they’d like. Texas Custom Turf has a lush and soft feel to the touch and is able to withstand heavily foot trafficked areas. Even better, synthetic grass is allergen free and grass stains will be long gone. Synthetic grass let’s you play outside without the actual hassle the outdoors can bring. 


The Materials in the Turf?

Your job is to pick the surface of your choice as Texas Custom Turf has state-of-the-art artificial playground turf that can transform any type of rubbish into a kid haven. Texas Custom Turf is manufactured with the highest quality yarn, passing the AST (American Society for Testing and Materials) and RCRA (Resource Conservation Recovery Act) standards for use by children and the environment. Our turf systems for playgrounds also meet IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufactures Association) requirements with its unique combination of polyethylene monofilament and nylon yarns accompanied by a recyclable foam pad for shock absorption at multiple fall-heights should a child fall from the equipment.


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