Understanding the Affect of Frost on Your Artificial Grass

Understanding the Affect of Frost on Your Artificial Grass

While you probably hear a lot about how durable and tough artificial turf is, there are some who still don’t believe it. After all, synthetic turf is made out of plastic. How is it possible that grass has what it takes to withstand the really tough conditions? Like frost, for example. Under certain circumstances, frost can seriously damage natural grass.

When it comes to frost and artificial grass, though, that’s simply not the case. Here is everything you need to know about the affect of frost on your artificial turf.

The Affect of Frost on Grass

During a heavy frost, serious damage can occur to your natural grass. That’s because the moisture in the blades freezes. If you walk on the grass while it is frozen, the blades are going to break off. If it is extremely cold, then the blades may die back.

However, frost does not affect your artificial turf the same way it does your natural grass. While that is true, it’s not a good idea to walk on fake grass that is covered in frost. There are two reasons for this:

  1. While the artificial turf isn’t slippery when it is wet, frost is actually ice, and ice is slippery.
  2. If you walk on heavily frosted grass, it’s going to compact the ice, which may impede the ability of the turf to drain the moisture away as the frost starts to melt.

It’s Melts the Frost Faster

Frost isn’t going to hurt or damage your artificial grass. In most cases, as the day gets warmer, the frost will quickly evaporate away. You can help to make this process faster, if desired. For example, if you want to get out in the yard sooner, all you hve to do is pour a small amount of warm (not hot) water on the frosty area to melt it away. Because artificial turf is installed with an efficient drainage system, the moisture is going to go away quickly, allowing you to get outside and enjoy your yard sooner.

You may want to use a deicer or even salt on your turf, but this isn’t recommended. While these products aren’t going to damage the turf, they may leave behind a residue that causes damage to the backing. That may result in drainage issues down the road. Also, you don’t want the products leaching into your groundwater or soil, because this can result in several issues.

No Need to Winterize Your Turf

Because artificial grass isn’t affected by frost, there is no need to worry with winterizing it (this is usually a daunting process). Your turf is going to keep looking great, regardless of the weather outside.

If you are interested in having artificial turf installed in your yard, you will find it offers an array of unbeatable benefits. Be sure to keep everything here in mind and work with the professionals to ensure you get the results you want. This is an investment that is going to offer a significant ROI for your home.