Go Green With Artificial Turf

For those who love the look and feel of a luscious lawn, but struggle with the upkeep and cost of maintaining a healthy turf, there is a solution that is soaring in popularity. Artificial grass is quickly becoming more than just an option for sporting venues and miniature golf courses. With innovation in materials, artificial turf products now mimic the look and feel of real grass without the hassle and cost of upkeep.

These new artificial grass products are a landscaper’s dream come true. The drought resistant turfs can be used in any application imaginable, regardless of soil, sun, shade, or slope of the terrain, bringing to life any creative landscape design.

Synthetic turf installations have begun to be seen in commercial and residential spaces as they come in a wide range of specialized varieties. The benefits of having artificial turf, as opposed to the traditional real grass options, are quickly becoming recognized as concerns of costs, water conservation, and health rise among homeowners. 

With water conservation on the top of homeowner’s minds, saying goodbye to thirsty natural grass lawns makes good sense. Property owners who have switched to artificial turfs see the benefits in their bank accounts, which means water consumption is being lowered at significant levels. By saving on sprinkler use for the grass, water can be targeted to reach plants and foliage, which can also be drought tolerant to continue the savings trend. 

Eliminating the natural lawn also reduces the work and expenses of maintaining a freshly cut and lush ground covering. The less time spent on yard work, whether performed by the homeowner or by a lawn care business, the more time and money is saved. With that in mind, there is also zero use for hazardous chemicals that keep out bugs and plant diseases, again saving on expenses. 

However, leaving off the chemicals is also an essential factor for many property owners who have families and family pets that enjoy playing in the grass. Chemicals used to treat lawns are also responsible for making people and pets sick, something that consumers are beginning to become aware of when making their landscaping choices.

Having the ability to have lush, green grass is the goal, and homeowners see there is a better way to achieve the look they want for their yards. By cutting expenses of water and upkeep while maintaining a chemical environment, artificial turfs are quickly becoming a product that many people are choosing. Texas Custom Turf provides landscaping consultation and installation of the most innovative synthetic grass products on the market today. Save your time and money while helping the environment with a beautiful artificial turf.