Improving Your Environment with Artificial Turf

At Texas Custom Turf, we stand behind our artificial turf products, and our customers love the way that these high-design materials look on pathways, yard areas, recreation areas and other kinds of greens … but that’s not the only reason to go with artificial turf for an outdoor space.

Think about these big questions regarding property maintenance when you’re evaluating different choices for high-traffic and heavy use areas or even other outdoor spaces that are mostly decorative. 

No Mowing

With artificial turf, the maintenance needs are greatly decreased. You won’t have to hire a mowing company to come in and keep the grass down every single week during the entire temperate season.

Instead, your turf area stays green and sparkling and just the right length with hardly any work at all (we do recommend rinsing the turf once in a while). It’s a massive saving to many property owners who have installed these synthetic turf options instead of wrestling with grass every season. Just think about the cost of maintaining a large riding mower and the labor that it will take in just one year to equal the utility and attractiveness of a nice green blanket of synthetic turf. 

Fewer Chemicals

Too many property owners choose to use harmful chemicals to create a lush, green yard. Weeds are a fact of life in natural green areas, and especially in commercial landscaping, chemicals like glyphosate are a very popular way to control them. The problem is that glyphosate at high levels can be dangerous, as we’ve seen with recent high-profile court cases against the current owner of Roundup.

This is another thing that artificial turf eliminates and on its own, it is a great reason to “go synthetic.”


When it’s properly set up, artificial turf will drain like grass. In fact, in some cases, it may dream better. Where developers use stormwater management systems to deal with standing water in natural areas, we can provide specific drainage for the artificial grass that routes water away from where it can be a nuisance or a liability.

Talk to us about installing the right kinds of artificial turf on your outdoor areas of your property. We have experience helping customers to choose the right fit and install this material for good long term use. These surfaces are safe for pets and kids, tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials and also meet the standards of the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association. Call us for more details.