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Drought Leads More Businesses To Install Artificial Grass

December 28, 2011

by: Andrew Schneider

Houston’s drought is leading many local businesses to try to cut their water usage and use an approach that’s gaining popularity.

Mention synthetic turf and the first image likely to come to mind is that of the old Astrodome. Little wonder, since Houston baseball made AstroTurf a household word.

These days it’s not just athletic fields that use synthetic turf. With Texas’ record drought taxing water supplies to the limit, businesses are increasingly letting their thirsty natural lawns go in favor of artificial grass.

Chris Neighbors is president and CEO of Texas Custom Turf. Neighbors tells customers up-front costs for synthetic turf are high compared to ordinary grass, but he says the long-term savings are significant.

“You can save several hundreds of dollars of year in just water alone, and then you start factoring in all the things like fertilizer, maintenance, mowing. We figure, on average, that you can actually break even in about three years, and then, from there on, it’s putting money back into your pocket.”

Texas Custom Turf is based in Austin, but the business has been expanding in Houston and Dallas. Neighbors says December has been his most successful month ever.