A Pretty Nice Green

One way to appreciate the potential of synthetic turf for an outdoor lawn or space is to actually get some pictures and look at how nice this looks when it’s installed. Think about it – this can be a great solution for any kind of residential or business use. 

Shades of Green

Some people think of artificial turf as having a kind of disgusting neon lime shade of green to it. Maybe they had a bad experience with the stuff in the 80s, or just think of it as inferior to that lush green color of natural grass.

In reality, you can get very nice muted greens for an outdoor space that look elegant and classy, not like a low-rent mini golf course or a cheap hotel!

Golfing and More

People also fail to appreciate the broad use and application of synthetic turf these days. They might be familiar with using it for a putting green, but what about a dog park or outdoor fitness area? What about a nice outdoor quad for a high-end college campus?

Really, you could dress the stuff up and take it anywhere. It’s not just for low-end properties or a relic of a bygone era. It’s really a good alternative to mowing a lawn, which is now looking more and more like an antiquated waste of time and money. 

Which brings us to our next point…

The Planet and You

Here’s one major reason why a lot of people are changing their opinions on synthetic or artificial turf.

We’re kind of in a bind when it comes to our carbon footprint and its impact on the planet.

The climate science is getting more dire and people are trying to create solutions.

Now think about installing a nice artificial turf where there used to be grass. No more spraying, no more mowing – hardly any maintenance at all. You’re saving massive amounts of time and money, which is good from a business or property management perspective, but you’re also saving all of that energy which is related to jobs that are conventionally done with tools using fossil fuels.

So think about artificial turf – it can be a pretty nice green for your property. Ask us about  how affordable it can be to choose and install synthetic turf on your property, and everything that it will bring to your home or business. You’ll be surprised at the options that you have, and how they can dress up a property’s exterior!