How to Handle Old Artificial Grass

Have you enjoyed your artificial turf lawn for several years, but lately, it has started to look old and worn? While quality artificial grass can last for 10 to 15 years, time will take its toll. For example, there may be fading, the seams can begin to separate, and fray and bacteria and mold may have started to build up. You may even notice heavy traffic patterns that don’t rebound very easily. 

If you are ready to refresh your artificial grass, you have a few options. 

Don’t Take it to the Dump

If you plan on removing the old artificial grass, don’t take it to the dump. Most artificial turf is recyclable, and while this isn’t always the case, recyclers can separate the infill material and poly-plastics used for making the backing and blades. 

After the turf has been cleaned and processed, it can be used for making everything from t-shirts and tote bags to dressing for real grass. 

Donate Your Old Turf

In some areas, organizations and municipalities use “second-hand” turf that is still in decent condition for batting cages or other areas. You can donate your turf or even sell it to these organizations that will clean and sanitize it, then reuse it. 

Start Shopping for New Artificial Turf

Replacing your old lawn will update your home, just like replacing the roof or repainting the exterior. You can choose to replace your lawn exactly how it was or give it a bit of a makeover by changing up the shape or size of your lawn. 

With artificial turf, this is simple. That’s because you don’t have to worry about natural grass limitations, such as mowing, dense shade, or other problems. 

Chances are you will be impressed by the changes artificial turf has undergone in the past few years or since you last purchased it. Today, synthetic grass is more durable and tougher than ever before. It’s also more realistic and prettier. You can even purchase it in varied shades of green. 

Choosing the Right Type of Artificial Turf

You will find that there are different types of artificial turf you can choose from. For example, you can find perfect options for children’s play areas, while others are best for dog owners. Take some time to consider what will be going on in your yard to determine the type of artificial turf that best suits your needs. 

Choose Professional Disposal 

If you don’t plan on keeping any of your artificial turf, you can call the professionals to haul it off for you. Sometimes, the company you purchase your new turf from will handle this. In most cases, it will be included in the installation price. 

If you are ready to say “out with the old and in with the new” for your artificial turf, be sure to keep the information above in mind. It will help ensure you get the quality lawn you want and restore your home’s curb appeal. In the end, purchasing and installing new artificial turf is a smart investment.