Some Thoughts On Texas Stormwater Management

In many areas around the country, there is a new focus on stormwater management. People are embracing the idea that with more development, there is more of a need to control stormwater runoff, and that with greater populations and everything that comes with that, there’s more of a need for clean waterways and clean groundwater.


That, in turn, has led to specific setups where governments have tried to incentivize good activities that will clean up the water and help to avoid stormwater runoff problems. It’s worth thinking about some of those as you ponder how synthetic turf can improve your home or business space. 


Some General Types of Stormwater Management


Some types of stormwater management are related to residential areas – for instance, where governments have some rules and regulations for households regarding how to keep groundwater clean.


Some have to do with development, where developers have to submit specific site plans involving stormwater management.


Then there is an acronym called MS4 that’s part of state regulations in this area.


Stormwater Regulations


MS4 stormwater regulations are aimed at promoting better practices in terms of stormwater runoff. But how do you do this? That’s where artificial turf comes into play.


Artificial Turf in MS4


In many cases, artificial turf can be part of good overall stormwater management practices.


It’s possible to build stormwater management systems below the surface where the turf is installed. That can be a lot harder to do with natural grass, and require specific types of earth moving.


And when it comes to earth moving, that’s another component of MS4 regulation. Earth moving can create erosion, which is another type of problem.


So with that in mind, turf systems can decrease pressure on municipal stormwater sewers.


Take a look at all of the applications on the website and gallery showing our past work. We have worked with responsible households and municipal partners to create excellent systems that also contemplate stormwater requirements in the state of Texas.


That’s not all, either – the turf is easy to maintain, and attractive in ways that natural grass might not measure up to.


The Role of Stormwater Management


One reason it’s important to think about these types of things is that planners have a lot of options for stormwater management.


They can use installations like swales and retention basins to control the ways that stormwater moves. They can use something like a rain garden to filter the water that comes in. And in some ways, turf management can relate to these kinds of projects. If you’re better able to reach below the surface and maintain or repair systems, that can be a major benefit to a stormwater management system.


It’s worth looking at the kinds of solutions you can install with synthetic turf, and review our track record of outfitting residential and commercial customers. Take a look at the gallery and more to see how this works, and ask us any questions about renovating your exterior areas.