Why Artificial Turf is a Smart Option for Small Yards

Trying to landscape a small outdoor space comes with many obstacles. 

Usually, small yards are shady, from trees or the walls of your home, which makes them inhospitable to grass. After all, most grass species require a lot of sunlight to grow and thrive. Additionally, smaller yards tend to get a lot of foot traffic due to the minimal space. This all damages and flattens the grass, compacts the soil, and in many cases, kills the grass. 

Besides that, you must think carefully about using pesticides, weedicides, and other chemical products on it. After all, these solutions take a long time to disperse in a smaller space and can cause problems if you have pets. Not to mention, they aren’t very good for the environment. 

Why Artificial Turf is a Perfect Solution for Small Yards

Using artificial turf for your home’s yard is a smart solution for smaller yards because it remains green and lush, even in shady areas and those that experience heavy foot traffic. You can install this turf under trees, against your home’s exterior walls, and in other areas that are not in the direct sun. 

As mentioned, it can withstand high foot traffic and ongoing use without damage. As a result, there is no chance of it looking sick or becoming a patchy, flat mess when you spend time outdoors. It is even possible to throw parties and get-togethers while being confident it will look great at the end of the day. 

You can also customize artificial grass. It works with almost any design and only takes a short time for professionals to install. This means you don’t have to wait long to enjoy the new lawn in your small yard. 

Even better, maintaining an artificial turf is simple. Pests don’t like it, and weeds don’t grow on it. This means there is no need for toxic chemicals. All you have to do is keep it clean, which can be done with a water hose, and fluff it regularly by brushing it. 

How to Use Artificial Turf in a Small Yard

There are several ways you can use artificial turf in your yard. Some innovative ideas that you may like for your small yard include the following:

Define Your Walkways with Artificial Turf

Do you want to have paths to help you walk around your small yard? A style and subtle way to do this is with artificial turf. You can use this to outline your paths. The best option to achieve this look is to use turf in a different color or with a different pile height. 

Mix Pavers and Artificial Turf

You can create unique patterns and designs by mixing artificial turf and pavers. This will create visual interest and add hardscape elements to your yard. 

Does Artificial Turf Make Sense for Your Small Yard?

As you can see, artificial turf offers more than a few benefits. Contact the professionals to learn more about this and how it will work in your small yard.