10 Reasons to Consider Synthetic Turf for your Lawn

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Did you know that some cities in the U.S. are banning the planting of lawn grass? Yes, banning the planting of lawn grasses. As a matter of fact, some cities are actually paying their residents up to $1.00 per square foot to remove their existing lawns and replace them with artificial grass. Water is quickly reaching the critical stage in many U.S. states. If that’s not reason enough, then keep reading.

1. Looks: These days you can actually be standing on an artificial lawn and if no one told you otherwise, you would think it is real grass. Yes, it looks that good. And today you can select from a variety of lawn grasses. Want St. Augustine? Want Bermuda? How about Kentucky Bluegrass? You will be amazed at how real it looks.

2. Value: Technology advances have allowed increased efficiencies and the result is lower prices. In Texas, artificial lawns cost about the same amount per square foot to install as pave stone patios.

3. Mother Earth: The environment. Lots of people buy artificial lawns simply because they are earth and environment friendly. They save water and lots of it. The average home in America uses over 70% of their water for outside use. No pesticides. Since there are no insects that eat artificial lawns, you can avoid pesticides and their affect on the environment. No fertilizers and that means no run-off into our lakes and rivers. No lawn mowing. Did you know that a lawnmower can pollute as much as 10 late model cars? We could go on and on, but you get the point.

4. You can’t lose your cool! Keeping up with the Joneses. Artificial lawns are the ‘in’. People in the front of parades get noticed a lot more than those at the end of the parade. Today, you have an opportunity to ‘lead the parade’ and at the same time do something good for the environment.

5. Warranty: The warranties available today are the longest yet. Advances in technology and materials allow the manufacturers to give their customers warranties for up to 10 years.

6. No Maintenance: Fire the guy that mows your lawn and sell your lawn mower. The average American spends over 40 hours per year taking care of their lawn. Why not add a week of leisure to your life every year?

7. Service with a Smile: Manufacturers have become more selective in who they allow to represent them. They have also greatly increased the amount of money required to become a dealer. So Dealers end up with a lot more ‘skin in the game’. With more to loose, the companies know that they must offer the best products and give excellent service.

8. Great Parties: Why not have your neighbors turn green with envy (pun intended)? You can have a lush green, manicured lawn year round with no maintenance. See a lush, beautiful, green, manicured lawn every time you look out your back window or patio door. And it will look perfect for all your parties, even the Christmas and Super Bowl parties.

9. Save on Your Taxes: Some state are offering incentives to either remove existing natural lawns and replace them with more earth friendly products that require no water.

In Texas, the Comptroller for the State of Texas has ruled that artificial lawns are not taxable. Since they reduce our water usage (and they do that a LOT), the state has ruled that the materials for artificial lawns and artificial putting greens are not taxable. Just to be clear, the labor to install the materials is taxable, but the materials are not. The point here is not the actual tax savings, it’s acknowledging that states are encouraging people to install artificial lawns.

10. Get Ahead of the Curve: We know that as water shortages become more severe, cities will be forced to enact more stringent water restrictions. To force conservation they have two routes. First is to restrict the usage so they limit the days and times we can water. The second method is forced conservation through price increases. Look what happened to gasoline consumption when the price went to $4.00 per gallon. So if we don’t conserve enough, then the cities will simply increase our water rates until we do. When we have our next water ‘crisis’ (and we intentionally said ‘when’ and not ‘if’) your beautiful lawn will be in jeopardy. Demand will skyrocket and the result will be higher prices for artificial lawns. You will be able to recognize those with artificial lawns because they will be the one with the smiles on their faces and the ones with beautiful lawns.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=H._R._Smith