Artificial Turf & Your Home’s Value

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Maintaining your home’s appearance and its market value can sometimes be frustrating; performing regular maintenance tasks, repairing roof or plumbing leaks, and any of those other common issues that are part of home maintenance can cause an undue strain on your time and financial resources.

In certain situations is also possible for these maintenance chores to begin piling up adding an additional burden to your homes maintenance schedule, but did you know that installing synthetic grass in your home will not only relieve virtually all of your landscaping maintenance chores, but doing so will also reduce your monthly water bills while helping you to improve the appearance and market value of your home.

In areas with considerable heat and arid conditions, maintaining your lawn and other landscaping is a relenting task that is costly due to strict watering rules and regulations set in place by city enforcers. The end result is spending hundreds of dollars each month watering your lawn to keep it looking fresh and green. The high cost of constant watering can force some homeowners to stop watering altogether, letting their grass die, leaving their lawn sightly, faded brown or with dead patches.

Letting your lawn remain dead and brown looking simply isn’t an option for many homeowners because of the unappealing appearance, and especially if they live within a homeowners association whom maintain strict guidelines and regulations regarding your homes exterior appearance. What are the options at this point? Some homeowners choose to remove their lawn and replace it with a desert motif of sand, natural rocks, plants and cactus. This option may be quite suited for some homeowners, but there are many such homeowners whose traditionally views require that their home must have landscaping that is designed around a front and back lawn with other grassy areas.

The solution is simple; installing synthetic or fake grass in place of your natural grass will keep your landscaping looking fresh, green and waterless. There are also additional benefits to installing synthetic turf in your home.

  • Reduce the costs and time maintaining your lawn
  • Dramatically lower your water bills
  • Improve your homes appearance and market value
  • No need for pesticides or fertilizers ever again
  • Synthetic grass is pet and children friendly
  • Perfect for entertainment areas, barbeques, putting greens or around the pool

Installing synthetic grass is cost effective too, check to see if there may be rebates from your local Water Authority. With saving money, time and improving the appearance and value of your home, now is a perfect time to learn more about installing synthetic turf in your home.

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