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New Champion Ranch Sporting Texas Custom Turf


Champion Ranch – Brady, TX

IMG_5733aThis project for the upscale hunting facility north of Brady, Texas, Champion Ranch, called in Texas Custom Turf to provide a low maintenance, beautiful resort-feel for their clients. TCT installed over 6,000 square feet of artificial lawn on the first 2 sections and then returned 1 month later and installed another almost 3,000 square feet of artificial lawn, artificial putting green, and driving mat in section 3. We are extremely proud of how this project turned out!

With over 8,000 acres, this whitetail and exotic game ranch is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece unlike any other in the Lone Star State. Brady Champion Ranch offers “African Style” hunts year round and can accommodate small and large groups comfortably. The 8,000 acres of rugged Texas landscape compares to the terrain of Southern Africa and provides an unforgettable hunting experience. Stalking one of our exotic animals in this terrain proves plenty challenging — even for seasoned hunters. First-class hunting combined with good ol´ Texas hospitality will have you coming back to hunt Brady Champion Ranch year after year.

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Midland, TC Artificial Turf

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Announcing Service in Midland, TX!

Artificial Turf Grass Installations…

When folks think about getting the most for their artificial grass needs they know that in Texas, no one can top Texas Custom Turf! We are proud to announce that our service is now available in Midland, TX as well as other parts of TX and Central Texas. Folks in the Midland area can now have the best in the business come out and help them with their turf needs.

We are the top artificial grass provider and are proud to serve clients throughout Texas. We serve both the residential and commercial landscape markets, handling everything from designing and installing custom solutions to selling ready-to-use synthetic turf products. When you are ready to learn more about transforming your spaces into low-maintenance, high-quality artificial turf, Get Your FAST Quote Now!


5 Advantages of Synthetic Turf Landscaping

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A backyard with lush green lawn is every homeowners dream. Nothing can bet the joy of spending quality time on a backyard lawn with family and friends. Especially when you have taken the hard work to grow such a beautiful lawn.

But growing a lush green and healthy lawn requires hard work. Planting, watering, anticipating seasonal changes, and many other considerations that a healthy lawn demands.

These factors give us reason to give a look at artificial turf. Artificial turf as the name suggests, is a synthetic surface that looks exactly like the natural one, but without any of the hard work and maintenance. Lay it once and you are done for years to come.

Landscaping with artificial turf has many advantages:

  1. It does not requite water
  2. No lawn mowing, so no need to buy an expensive lawn mower or hire a lawn service
  3. Does not get infected by diseases
  4. Dogs and other pets won’t be tracking in mud
  5. Modern synthetic turfs look as real as a lush natural turf
  6. Can be used indoors as well

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10 Reasons to Consider Synthetic Turf for your Lawn

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Did you know that some cities in the U.S. are banning the planting of lawn grass? Yes, banning the planting of lawn grasses. As a matter of fact, some cities are actually paying their residents up to $1.00 per square foot to remove their existing lawns and replace them with artificial grass. Water is quickly reaching the critical stage in many U.S. states. If that’s not reason enough, then keep reading.

1. Looks: These days you can actually be standing on an artificial lawn and if no one told you otherwise, you would think it is real grass. Yes, it looks that good. And today you can select from a variety of lawn grasses. Want St. Augustine? Want Bermuda? How about Kentucky Bluegrass? You will be amazed at how real it looks.

2. Value: Technology advances have allowed increased efficiencies and the result is lower prices. In Texas, artificial lawns cost about the same amount per square foot to install as pave stone patios.

3. Mother Earth: The environment. Lots of people buy artificial lawns simply because they are earth and environment friendly. They save water and lots of it. The average home in America uses over 70% of their water for outside use. No pesticides. Since there are no insects that eat artificial lawns, you can avoid pesticides and their affect on the environment. No fertilizers and that means no run-off into our lakes and rivers. No lawn mowing. Did you know that a lawnmower can pollute as much as 10 late model cars? We could go on and on, but you get the point.

4. You can’t lose your cool! Keeping up with the Joneses. Artificial lawns are the ‘in’. People in the front of parades get noticed a lot more than those at the end of the parade. Today, you have an opportunity to ‘lead the parade’ and at the same time do something good for the environment.

5. Warranty: The warranties available today are the longest yet. Advances in technology and materials allow the manufacturers to give their customers warranties for up to 10 years.

6. No Maintenance: Fire the guy that mows your lawn and sell your lawn mower. The average American spends over 40 hours per year taking care of their lawn. Why not add a week of leisure to your life every year?

7. Service with a Smile: Manufacturers have become more selective in who they allow to represent them. They have also greatly increased the amount of money required to become a dealer. So Dealers end up with a lot more ‘skin in the game’. With more to loose, the companies know that they must offer the best products and give excellent service.

8. Great Parties: Why not have your neighbors turn green with envy (pun intended)? You can have a lush green, manicured lawn year round with no maintenance. See a lush, beautiful, green, manicured lawn every time you look out your back window or patio door. And it will look perfect for all your parties, even the Christmas and Super Bowl parties.

9. Save on Your Taxes: Some state are offering incentives to either remove existing natural lawns and replace them with more earth friendly products that require no water.

In Texas, the Comptroller for the State of Texas has ruled that artificial lawns are not taxable. Since they reduce our water usage (and they do that a LOT), the state has ruled that the materials for artificial lawns and artificial putting greens are not taxable. Just to be clear, the labor to install the materials is taxable, but the materials are not. The point here is not the actual tax savings, it’s acknowledging that states are encouraging people to install artificial lawns.

10. Get Ahead of the Curve: We know that as water shortages become more severe, cities will be forced to enact more stringent water restrictions. To force conservation they have two routes. First is to restrict the usage so they limit the days and times we can water. The second method is forced conservation through price increases. Look what happened to gasoline consumption when the price went to $4.00 per gallon. So if we don’t conserve enough, then the cities will simply increase our water rates until we do. When we have our next water ‘crisis’ (and we intentionally said ‘when’ and not ‘if’) your beautiful lawn will be in jeopardy. Demand will skyrocket and the result will be higher prices for artificial lawns. You will be able to recognize those with artificial lawns because they will be the one with the smiles on their faces and the ones with beautiful lawns.

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Artificial Turf & Your Home’s Value

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Maintaining your home’s appearance and its market value can sometimes be frustrating; performing regular maintenance tasks, repairing roof or plumbing leaks, and any of those other common issues that are part of home maintenance can cause an undue strain on your time and financial resources.

In certain situations is also possible for these maintenance chores to begin piling up adding an additional burden to your homes maintenance schedule, but did you know that installing synthetic grass in your home will not only relieve virtually all of your landscaping maintenance chores, but doing so will also reduce your monthly water bills while helping you to improve the appearance and market value of your home.

In areas with considerable heat and arid conditions, maintaining your lawn and other landscaping is a relenting task that is costly due to strict watering rules and regulations set in place by city enforcers. The end result is spending hundreds of dollars each month watering your lawn to keep it looking fresh and green. The high cost of constant watering can force some homeowners to stop watering altogether, letting their grass die, leaving their lawn sightly, faded brown or with dead patches.

Letting your lawn remain dead and brown looking simply isn’t an option for many homeowners because of the unappealing appearance, and especially if they live within a homeowners association whom maintain strict guidelines and regulations regarding your homes exterior appearance. What are the options at this point? Some homeowners choose to remove their lawn and replace it with a desert motif of sand, natural rocks, plants and cactus. This option may be quite suited for some homeowners, but there are many such homeowners whose traditionally views require that their home must have landscaping that is designed around a front and back lawn with other grassy areas.

The solution is simple; installing synthetic or fake grass in place of your natural grass will keep your landscaping looking fresh, green and waterless. There are also additional benefits to installing synthetic turf in your home.

  • Reduce the costs and time maintaining your lawn
  • Dramatically lower your water bills
  • Improve your homes appearance and market value
  • No need for pesticides or fertilizers ever again
  • Synthetic grass is pet and children friendly
  • Perfect for entertainment areas, barbeques, putting greens or around the pool

Installing synthetic grass is cost effective too, check to see if there may be rebates from your local Water Authority. With saving money, time and improving the appearance and value of your home, now is a perfect time to learn more about installing synthetic turf in your home.

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Artificial Grass – The Next BIG Deal!

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The artificial grass industry is experiencing a high level of growth as many domestic users convert their natural grass lawns to new artificial grass lawns. The product appeals to people for many reasons, primarily the growth experienced is due to the fact that the artificial grass sold today looks more realistic than ever.

Anyone who experiences issues with growing a real grass lawn has the potential to be interested in fake grass. It may be that the owners have dogs who either dig up the lawn or kill off the natural beauty by doing what nature intended. People with young children are impressed by the fact that the artificial grass is extremely soft on the skin of the young and ensures a safe playing area. Of course the added benefit of a synthetic surface is that no mud will be brought into the house either by the kids or the dogs.

Other reasons why artificial grass which is also often referred to as AstroTurf is becoming so popular include the fact that many people cannot simply grow real grass. This may be due to poor sunlight in a garden area or the fact that large trees are stealing all the moisture. Either way, people love the look and feel of a real lawn and if it cannot be obtained naturally then Synthetic Turf  is becoming an obvious choice.

The maintenance required is extremely low; so this also makes it a compelling factor in the selection process. All that is really necessary is to keep the turf free of debris so that weeds do not develop, so a leaf-blower, garden vacuum or stiff broom is all that is required. Any job completed by a synthetic lawn installer should include a weed barrier application which will prevent any weed growth coming through from underneath the surface.

“Fake grass” has come a long way in terms of technological enhancements. Improvements are being made to ensure the grass is safe to use and will continue to be safe as it ages. A lot of work is also being put into the appearance of residential synthetic grass to ensure that it looks as near in appearance to natural grass as possible. These days it is very difficult to tell that the lush green lawn that you are admiring is actually fake grass.


Advantages of Artificial Grass

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Have you considered getting artificial grass turf for your garden but are unsure of just how good it will look and perform? Are you a bit unsure of the benefits of artificial turf versus the costs? It is common for homeowners initially to be skeptical regarding synthetic grass. The benefits of installing artificial turf are substantial.

Installing synthetic grass not only looks as good as the real thing but it stays looking freshly cut, clean and of course green, day in and day out. Artificial turf withstands all different kinds of weather, including extremely cold temperatures. It is fully U.V stabilized so will not fade in the sun.

There are also benefits to installing a synthetic lawn for your children. Your children can play outside all day every day and not get one grass stain. Artificial lawns are not toxic and soft, so your children will love one. Synthetic turf is cleaner and safer for your children than real grass. Do you have pets at home? Artificial grass turf keeps their paws free of mud and imagine not having to clean off paws after it rains! That is one of the many benefits of installing artificial grass as part of your landscaping project.

One of the biggest benefits of installing artificial turf is that it does not have to be watered. If we experience a hot summer in the UK, imagine not having to water your lawn. And you would have a beautiful lawn that neighbors would envy. You could potentially save money on your water bill and of course you can sit back and relax whilst enjoying your perfectly green lawn.

Consider also the money you will save in maintenance. You will not have to mow or trim it or apply any pesticides or insecticides. When you consider the cost of maintaining a real lawn over the long term it puts the investment required for a fake lawn into perspective.

Millions of people suffer from hay fever. With an artificial grass installation you do not have to worry about allergy attacks from your lawn anymore. It might just be the perfect solution. Many people are unable to enjoy their beautiful landscaping because they are allergic to it. With artificial grass, you can enjoy your landscaping and lawn as often as you wish without having an allergy attack.

The number of artificial grass installations taking place in the back gardens of properties  is increasing at a rapid rate. And yes, it may take a while to get used to the idea of this product as a residential option. Artificial turf is not just for professional athletic fields and school fields anymore. Hundreds of thousands of homeowners are choosing to install artificial grass turf because of its many benefits.

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Low Maintenance, Low Water Bill

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Increasingly, synthetic grass is being used an architectural feature in planning urban landscapes. Growing and maintaining natural grass lawns is becoming an unviable preposition. These natural grass lawns need more regular maintenance and resources for their upkeep. Water resources and soil quality are bare essentials to maintain natural grass lawns.

Managing long stretch of green grass growth required for sporting needs with their rough use damaging the grass is a challenge. Restoring these natural sporting venues is difficult and requires long time to redo these stretches of grass growth. With increasing sporting events getting organized restoration has to be instant and the grass quality has to be maintained.

Whether it is maintaining golf greens or tennis courts, green grass or landscaping your residential architecture, synthetic grass is gaining ground as a substitute to growing natural green grass. Recently observing the March horticulture week artificial grass has been allowed to make for the architectural feature of a flower show. That proves an acceptance of naturalists for adoption of the artificial grass.

The adoption of artificial synthetic grass has undergone various stages of development to retain various features and advantages inherent in natural grass. Whether it is draining of water or running storm water on its surface are no more a deterrent in adopting them. Whether it is the use of to green sporting venues like tennis or golf or any other sport ground or add to the architectural beauty of your residential property synthetic grass is a well meaning option.

Laying of these grass turfs is saving a lot of time and money and also adding up to life time savings. Think of the drudgery of seeding, fertilizing and trimming for homeowners and frequent cycle of doing that and at higher costs, adoption of synthetic grass offers a convenient choice. The little maintenance and the elegant look it adds to the look of the homes is a proposition that makes anyone opt for the artificial version of green grass to maintain greenery.

Whether it landscaping, or bring back greenery surrounding in school, garden, or open space at your workplace to getting that low-cost maintenance for long stretches of you soccer, hockey, cricket fields, golf greens, and golf greens, synthetic grass turfs make it easy. Most of the installation done by manufacturers can provide you tailor make solutions for you artificial green needs.

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The Dog, Your Lawn, and Peace of Mind!

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Any dog owner can tell you: dogs and grass do not mix. You love your four-legged friend more than anything in the world, but you probably don’t love the muddy spots, yellow grass, trails and bare spots he or she leaves on your lawn. But now, you can have your cake and eat it too, or in other words, have a dog and a beautiful lawn too, with a synthetic grass lawn.

Not only is artificial grass beautiful and low maintenance, but dogs love it! The soft, realistic synthetic grass lawns of today are perfect for dogs to play, lay and roll around on – with none of the downfalls normally encountered with having a dog and a lawn.

Dog waste can discolor or stain normal grass, leaving ugly muddy spots and yellow grass all over your lawn. But with a quality synthetic pet turf, urine drains right through and won’t leave an odor. Droppings can be scooped or hosed off, and you can use any household cleaner to get rid of messes. You can easily wash down and disinfect your lawn if needed, leaving a clean, germ-free environment for everyone to enjoy. Your yard will always be available for sports, games and activities without the worry that you might step into an unexpected “surprise” on the lawn.

Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate muddy paws and dirty dogs from your home? With good artificial turf you can spend less time cleaning your dogs and your home, and spend more time enjoying your beautiful, resilient landscaping instead. In addition, you will no longer need to use toxic pesticides that could pose a danger to your furry friend.

Most synthetic grass is very low maintenance, saving you significant time and money over the years. A high-quality synthetic lawn can last anywhere from 20 to 25 years, and will more than pay for itself in water bills and maintenance savings.

Not all synthetic lawns are alike, however. When shopping for a dog-friendly synthetic lawn, be sure to check for the following:


Drainage is paramount in artificial turf, especially when a dog is involved. Turf with drilled holes in the back for drainage is not suitable for dogs, and will not drain properly, leaving your lawn smelling of urine. Look for an artificial turf company that offers special pet turf guaranteed to drain faster than natural grass, or better yet, ask your local pet humane society, pet care facility or dog park which artificial turf they use. These locations see many more dogs using their grass than you, and will definitely be able to tell you what works and what doesn’t.


Many companies still use nylon in their artificial grass which can be dense, abrasive and worst of all, is absorbent. Nylon fiber grass will absorb dog liquids resulting in a horrible smelling lawn. When shopping for your artificial grass, find a company that uses 100% pure polyethylene fibers. Polyethylene is soft and silky, yet is designed to stand up to years of use and exposure to the elements; and it will not absorb liquids.


Many companies will say their grass is durable, but then again, they’re trying to sell their product. Investigate the turf surface as well as the infrastructure of the grass. Much like a blade of grass or a leaf out in nature, artificial grass blades with a built-in “spine” are far more resistant to damage from foot traffic and busy paws.

It’s time to stop worrying about your lawn and start spending more time with your precious pooch – get a quality synthetic grass lawn today!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sarah_Simmons


Dry Climate? The Grass Alternative

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Artificial turf has become quite common place in many sports grounds, such as football pitches and hockey fields, as it is hard wearing and very easy to maintain. It is an excellent alternative to real grass, which requires a high level of maintenance, and often requires replacement after the end of the sporting season as it is subjected to a high level of wear and tear.

There are three main types of artificial turf, which are named according to the way they are laid. Sand filled, sand dressed and unfilled or water based are the most common types, and you will find they are the main types of artificial grass used for sports pitches. Unfilled artificial turf is probably the most commonly used, and as the name suggests, the pile of the turf is not filled with anything. This type of artificial grass is also referred to as water based, as it needs to be saturated with water prior to use. It is not uncommon to see an unfilled pitch being watered at half time during matches, especially in hot climates. The reason this style is favored over the sand filled pitches is that the water base offers protection against abrasions, which are common on sand filled pitches.

Sand dressed artificial turf requires the pile to be filled to approximately 6-8mm from the tips of the blades of turf with sand. Because the sand is not actually visible, it is easy to mistake a sand dressed pitch for a water based pitch. However, any player that finds themselves sliding across the pitch will be able to tell the difference as the sand can be fairly abrasive.

Finally there is sand filled artificial turf, which is almost completely covered in sand. This style of artificial grass makes for a very hard pitch, which may also contribute to a slower ball speed compared to the ball speed on an unfilled or sand dressed pitch. Sliding across a sand filled pitch will definitely result in abrasions, and for this reason, games that quite often result in players coming into contact with the pitch, such as rugby, will predominantly be player on water based pitches.

The size of the ground, the availability of water and the types of games that are going to be played, will all determine the type of artificial turf that is chosen for a pitch. There is very little difference when it comes to unfilled or sand dressed pitches, so if water is not readily available to use on an unfilled pitch, then sand dressed will be the turf of choice. Sand filled pitches will be used mainly for games such as hockey or similar sports where there is minimal player contact with the artificial turf pitch.

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