Advantages of Artificial Grass

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Have you considered getting artificial grass turf for your garden but are unsure of just how good it will look and perform? Are you a bit unsure of the benefits of artificial turf versus the costs? It is common for homeowners initially to be skeptical regarding synthetic grass. The benefits of installing artificial turf are substantial.

Installing synthetic grass not only looks as good as the real thing but it stays looking freshly cut, clean and of course green, day in and day out. Artificial turf withstands all different kinds of weather, including extremely cold temperatures. It is fully U.V stabilized so will not fade in the sun.

There are also benefits to installing a synthetic lawn for your children. Your children can play outside all day every day and not get one grass stain. Artificial lawns are not toxic and soft, so your children will love one. Synthetic turf is cleaner and safer for your children than real grass. Do you have pets at home? Artificial grass turf keeps their paws free of mud and imagine not having to clean off paws after it rains! That is one of the many benefits of installing artificial grass as part of your landscaping project.

One of the biggest benefits of installing artificial turf is that it does not have to be watered. If we experience a hot summer in the UK, imagine not having to water your lawn. And you would have a beautiful lawn that neighbors would envy. You could potentially save money on your water bill and of course you can sit back and relax whilst enjoying your perfectly green lawn.

Consider also the money you will save in maintenance. You will not have to mow or trim it or apply any pesticides or insecticides. When you consider the cost of maintaining a real lawn over the long term it puts the investment required for a fake lawn into perspective.

Millions of people suffer from hay fever. With an artificial grass installation you do not have to worry about allergy attacks from your lawn anymore. It might just be the perfect solution. Many people are unable to enjoy their beautiful landscaping because they are allergic to it. With artificial grass, you can enjoy your landscaping and lawn as often as you wish without having an allergy attack.

The number of artificial grass installations taking place in the back gardens of properties  is increasing at a rapid rate. And yes, it may take a while to get used to the idea of this product as a residential option. Artificial turf is not just for professional athletic fields and school fields anymore. Hundreds of thousands of homeowners are choosing to install artificial grass turf because of its many benefits.

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