Artificial Grass – The Next BIG Deal!

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The artificial grass industry is experiencing a high level of growth as many domestic users convert their natural grass lawns to new artificial grass lawns. The product appeals to people for many reasons, primarily the growth experienced is due to the fact that the artificial grass sold today looks more realistic than ever.

Anyone who experiences issues with growing a real grass lawn has the potential to be interested in fake grass. It may be that the owners have dogs who either dig up the lawn or kill off the natural beauty by doing what nature intended. People with young children are impressed by the fact that the artificial grass is extremely soft on the skin of the young and ensures a safe playing area. Of course the added benefit of a synthetic surface is that no mud will be brought into the house either by the kids or the dogs.

Other reasons why artificial grass which is also often referred to as AstroTurf is becoming so popular include the fact that many people cannot simply grow real grass. This may be due to poor sunlight in a garden area or the fact that large trees are stealing all the moisture. Either way, people love the look and feel of a real lawn and if it cannot be obtained naturally then Synthetic Turf  is becoming an obvious choice.

The maintenance required is extremely low; so this also makes it a compelling factor in the selection process. All that is really necessary is to keep the turf free of debris so that weeds do not develop, so a leaf-blower, garden vacuum or stiff broom is all that is required. Any job completed by a synthetic lawn installer should include a weed barrier application which will prevent any weed growth coming through from underneath the surface.

“Fake grass” has come a long way in terms of technological enhancements. Improvements are being made to ensure the grass is safe to use and will continue to be safe as it ages. A lot of work is also being put into the appearance of residential synthetic grass to ensure that it looks as near in appearance to natural grass as possible. These days it is very difficult to tell that the lush green lawn that you are admiring is actually fake grass.